How I put on Hair Extensions- by Irresistible Me

So excited when I received a package from Irresistible Me because it felt like Christmas came early!
I have been wearing hair extensions frequently since 3 years ago after I stupidly (and unwillingly) cut my hair to shoulder length.
Trust me, it was a pain in the a** because they would always tangle up and I had to throw them away and buy new ones. Since it's artificial hair, I can't curl or straighten them so I usually keep a few of them in case I want a different look on a different day- 1 Curly, 1 Wavy, 1 Straight.
So imagine keeping 3 styles of hair extensions and had to buy more when they get all tangled up.

My friends have been wondering how my room look like since I own loads of hair extensions.
YES it's how you imagine it to be. CREEPY RIGHT HAHA

This is my very first time trying out 100% Human Hair Extensions!
Since it's Human Hair, I can curl it, straighten it, wash it, or dye it- just like your own hair!
So exciting! Imagine all the possibilities.

Here is how their packaging looks like:

When I opened the box, I felt like a princess!!
Freakin pretty illustration of a girl with such beautiful hair (which I will also look like later on. HAHAH)
I seriously need to take some notes!

Yes, don't forget to #irresistiblegram when you post up photos of yourself with these extentions!

 Here is how the extensions are packaged- in a neatly manner in this foil ziplock bag.
The left compartment is where all your extensions you are using are placed at (which I will show you later)

And this compartment on the right keeps the extra weave and clips in case you need them in future!
Love how this enables me to neatly keep my extensions free from dust and moisture after every use.
BTW make sure to air your extensions out after use, BEFORE keeping them in.

3 good quality sturdy clips are provided in case you lost any of your clips they got damaged.
Just sew them on! Easy peasy.

 And they also include an extra 3-clip extensions for us.

Okay!! On to a 'tutorial' that I snapped for you girls.
Not sure if it's considered a tutorial because clipping in hair extensions are kinda self-explanatory.
Also, different girls put them on differently since we all have different styles of hair.
So just experiment with the hair extensions yourself!
Here is how I usually put mine on because it's what works for me!

I start off by detangling my hair because my hair is ALWAYS tangled.
This makes your hair so much easier to manage

Ikr i'm also loving my brush (which I don't use, only for photos :P)
From F21 you guys!!

This is my original hair length.
I will only be adding a few pieces since my hair is already a little thick. I just want to add some length to it!

Start by sectioning 1/3 of your hair and clip the top layer up. This will be your base so that's why I am adding the thickest 4-clip weave shown below

This is how it looks at the back of the weave.  I'm so impressed with the quality! They are all sewn together sturdily to ensure that the strands do not drop in bunches like some do.

Before putting them on, start opening all the clips on the weave.

Check where you would want to place your hair extensions before clipping them on.
Make sure it's right in the middle!

  Once you have decided the placement, just 'comb' the clip tooth down your hair strands and close the clip.

On to the 2nd Layer!

Okay this is such a bad example because I sectioned my hair very unevenly hahah. But you could use a comb to section it neatly before placing the extensions!

For my middle layer, I will be using the 2-clip weave (x2)
I'm only adding length so just 2 will do. If you want to have thicker hair, you can try using all of the extensions that they provide!

Way thinner than the first layer. Just what we need because we don't want them to be pulling our head down haha.

Not behind my ears, not right at the top either. the clip is gonna be touching your ears and it gets really uncomfy after a few hours.
That is why I like to clip my extensions right behind the top of my ears.
I hope you get what I mean!!
(If not I would sound damn stupid HAHA but I swear I know what I'm talking about!!)

Last but not least, I will be using these little cute 1-clippers!
(Don't mind them looking slightly frizzy. I washed them but forgot to put conditioner on)
But still looking WAYY better than my unstyled hair

So tiny, yet so necessary.  I like to clip this particular piece at the very sides of my hair, above my ears.
Why is it so necessary? Since this 1-clipper is so tiny, it is more 'free-to-move' unlike the bigger pieces.
This enables me to tuck my hair and extensions behind my ears without any discomfort!
#hairtuckers #sayheyyyy

So just section like so

Took me just like 3 mins to put them on. Fast and easy!

So so happy with the outcome. Definitely a huge difference from using my usual 1-layer hair extensions.
Firstly, they are all separated so it doesn't weigh 1 part of your hair down.
Secondly, the clips are so sturdy that they don't slide down while walking halfway

(Holy shit I just remembered that it actually happened to me before in Malaysia outside macdonalds drivethru where all the cars can see me. I was trying to take a jumpshot outside and when i'm in the air, my extensions flew out and landed on someone's car,. Everybody saw omg)

Save yourself from that embarrassment haha

And the color tho! I'm wearing their Royal Remy in Golden Blonde.
Royal Remy is perfect for those who want's to add volume to their hair ends!

Blends in so well. 

Here's the before and after photo side by side.
From normal human, to barbie hair hahah. I guess anybody can have barbie hair right now!
They hold a wide range of hair extension type

'Signature Weft'
Perfect for those starting out on hair extensions

'Silky Touch'
For those who want's a natural look as thickness of the hair decreases slightly at the ends like human hair. Best selling one!

'Royal Remy'
Premium Line. Amazing thickness as thickness stays constant from top to bottom!

'Volume Vixen'
For those who wants the va-va-voom effect! So thick and voluminous

And one more that I am so amazed by- their Full Lace Wigs
Go check out their videos on how they put them on because it's so amazing how it looks JUST like their real hair- with the interchangeable realistic hairline and all.
I think I will definatelly consider getting this if one day my hair gets too damaged that I went for a pixie cut hahahah. You wouldn't even know because it looks so real!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading this post of mine.
I know I sound I little bit cray as I stayed up overnight writing this.
So much to do during the day, before the launch of my clothing line happening in just a few days.
Mixed feelings about this. So exhausted, so nervous, yet so excited about it.

But imma go sleep now, TTYL <3


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