Ad: Violet Hair with OLAPLEX by Salon Vim

Hi everyone! 

Writing this post while on the way to esplanade for a casual meeting/discussion! 
So i apologize in advance if there's any spelling mistakes even tho i'm actually quite awesome at multi tasking hahaha

Been awhile since my last hair update. 
Can't wait to share with you guys some awesome stuffs they did to my hair!

I've been wanting to try out purple for a really long time now cuz if you don't know already, I've been playing around with my purple hair editing tool on my photos and they look really good! 

Reached Bugis really early so I decided to have Macbreakfast for 1 since I was starving.

Time check: First slot 11am at Salon Vim! 
Gosh.. I think my hair is every hairstylists' worst nightmare.. 

So many wrongs HAHA 
Ugly orange tones, Frizzy Ends, Black Roots and not to forget, my 2 years worth of untrimmed hair! 

Why didn't I trim my hair for 2 whole years? 
Well its because I went to one random salon 2 years back to trim my waist length hair and they decided to 'trim' it to my shoulders...

This is why I was wearing extentions for 2 whole years while waiting for my Hair to grow out before I decide to leave them to professional hands for a good trim. 


Das nasty... 
And those uneven split ends tho.. 

I was secretly laughing cuz My hairstylist- Priscilla, looked so tiny behind my lion's mane while she's trimming it LOL

So much better! 

Step 2: Bleaching my roots. 
Thank you Timothy for helping out too!! I know I have too much hair on my head :( 

Touching up the roots- Done! 

My hairstylists taking care of some tiny pink spots on my scalp after the bleaching.
It's the little things they do!

Step 3: Lightening. 
To achieve the purple that I wanted, they had to get rid of the orange tones!

Wait what? Bleaching again!?

But they assured me that they will be using Olaplex in the bleach mixture to carefully lighten my hair.

I heard of Olaplex from Guy Tang's youtube channel quite awhile back and many other celebrity hair stylists SWEARS by it.
Check out these photos on his Instagram Page, using Olaplex:

Woah! is it really that good!?

I thought I was able to purchase Olaplex my own (cuz stupid me thought it's a conditioner of some sort LOL) But when I went to the website,  I couldn't! 

That's because they require you to be an approved Salon Professional in order to purchase it. 
And Salon Vim is one of the few in Singapore that holds the Legendary Olaplex!! 

 If you have been living under a rock all these while (:P), Olaplex is used to DRAMATICALLY reduce breakage during bleaching and hair coloring services.

I have bleached and colored my hair without Olaplex before so I'll give you a take on how it's like to bleach and color my hair WITH Olaplex!

There's my pretty hairstylists- Priscilla, blow drying my Olaplex Bleached hair.

Honestly, I'm not sure how after bleaching, my hair texture much better than before I walked into the salon.

I mean like.. How is that even possible!? 
I think one of the factors that contributes to this is cuz my hair texture was already so f*-ed up to begin with so it managed to repair the bonds of my hair.

I, together with all the other hairstylists now swears by it. 


Now for step 4: The Dyeing! 
Since it's my first time going purple and I was afraid it would be too much for me, Priscilla suggested that they can do a dark color at the top which fades down to the bright Violet.

Such a great idea!! 

Here is how the Deep Purple looks like after the wash.  

Applying the Ultra Violet. 
Already loving the colour!

Regretted not bringing my book along cuz I was there for 6 whole hours. Thank God they have loads of magazines on standby! 

Step 5: Karathermique Treatment
After the wash, they used the Karathermique Treatment from Kerastase to smoothen and strengthen my hair. 

Not to forget my fav part! 
You see the towel on the left? It's a hot towel that they place on my cold stiff neck after the whole process! 
You have no idea how heavenly that feels after sitting down for 6 whole hours in the aircon!

After the blowdry! 
Loving the 2 tones on my hair. It gives that 3 dimensional effect!

First time seeing a different technique used to curl my hair so it's wavy instead of those 'aunty-ish curls' that goes round and round.
Definitely taking notes! 

Anndddd.. We are done!!

Should have recorded the curling process so you girls can learn how to achieve these beautiful waves yourself.
Maybe the next time round!!

Also there's something about the Ultra Violet dye they used that I absolutely adore.
If you look carefully, you can see different tones when the light hits the hair! 

Salon Vim also holds a wide range of hair products that caters to different kinds of hair. 
Here's just some of them!

I asked Priscilla how did she manage to get her hair so silky even after telling me how many times her hair has been processed.

Her solution- hair mask every single day!

I was so stocked to try out this hair mask that she specially chose for my Hair type.

It's the Kerastase Nutritive Hair Mask by L'oreal Paris.
It's an exceptionally concentrated nourishing treatment specially for Dry and extremely sensitive hair!

I was told that just a tiny bit is needed for each wash.
This means that this whole tub can last you about 1-2 months depending on how often you wash your hair.
It's already been about 3 weeks and I wash my hair every single day now and only 1/4 of the tub is used up!

Just to test this mask out, I decided to wash my hair WITHOUT the Kerastase Nutritive Hair Mask for just a day.

Look how just  the water itself, strips away all the natural oils of my hair!

and I swear this texture is already better than my usual hair type before I visited them :(
Check my first few photos again for reference!

Went to wash my hair after snapping those 2 shots, now with the Kerastase Nutritive Hair Mask.
Left it to air-dry and here's the final look:

It's glossier and smoother now!!
Also, the mask made it able to achieve it's natural waves without any heating tools involved.
Definatelly a match made in heaven hahah

 3 weeks later and washing every single day, the color is still going strong.

Thank you Salon Vim!
Can't wait to let it fade beautifully to a light ashy purple.

Do check out their Instagram and Facebook page for any updates and latest promos.

And also if you are a first time Salon Vim Customer that is interested in doing any treatments/ less damaging bleaching & coloring services just like me, or even just to pop by for a hair cut,

Enjoy 15% off when you quote my name 'Lindsay' at both their Bugis & Somerset 313 Outlets!

For more information, check out


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