Ad: Knut Gadd Watches from STOCKHOLM SWEDEN

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since i've updated this space.
Been wanting to change my blog design for a long time now since the previous one was a little bit outdated (blog headers where photos from almost 2 years ago!)

A lot has been going on in my life and hence the lack of updates.
Been working on a project for half a year now I can't wait to share what's coming up at the end of this year. Gosh.. how time flies! 

In the mean time, here's my take on this romantically powerful watch by 

Something about good watches that instantly makes any man look classy and powerful.
Received a package from Knut Gadd awhile back and was so intrigued by just the leather box itself.
I remembered that I picked out the Decagon Black Design and was so excited to take a peek into the box!

The first look.
It is packaged so perfectly! From the suede linings of the box, to the decorated envelope with 'Knut Gadd' printed on it, and not to forget-
the beautifully crafted Decagon Black Watch with Murray Hill Straps.

This watch may seem simple, but the team behind Knut Gadd believes that it is the details that makes the difference.
That is why every little part of the watch is uniquely designed- The length of the needles, seems of the brackets, and everything in-between.
Also, not forgetting the reliable and durable Japanese quartz-works that drives the watch!

Now lets take an even closer look of it: 

One of the reasons why I chose the Decagon Black Design is mostly cuz of the watch face.
I love how it's mildly textured which gives it a more unique look to it.
There's many other watch face that you can choose from, which I will show you later!

How it looks like when worn (by my bf)
Look how it's glistering under the sun!
They used Sapphire Crystal for their watches for extra strength and protection against scratches!
Also, Knut Gadd only uses the finest Italian Calf Leather for their watch bracelets.
Only the best for us!

The Whole Package:

It's the perfect gift for for anyone, don't you think?

Here are just some of the other straps if you are into something a little more fancy.
Do check out more of their designs on their website-

Thank you so much Knut Gadd or the classiest package ever!

Do check them out on Instagram for updates!


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