Ad: Visual Mass- GSS 1 FOR 1 Promo

"Visual Mass was founded on the belief that design-conscious eyewear need not cost an arm and a leg. Good-looking and good quality glasses can go hand in hand with a good price. Our aim is to revolutionise the eyewear industry by creating value for both our customers and the larger community. "

Woke up at 8am this morning and headed to Visual Mass's Orchard Central Outlet
to pick a pair of new frames!


There's a really bright LED signage so it was pretty easy to find the shop!
Omg probably the hipster-est spectical shop i've seen so far.
I mean.. check out the interior design!

I swear all optical shops should have this light bulb mirrors too. Such a clever concept! It produces a pretty 'ring light effect' on your eyes when you look into the mirror to try the glasses on.
Need one of this in my room!

A wide range of sunglasses and frames to choose from that are all in style this season.
They range from square frames, to vintage round frames, and even rectangular frames for those who prefer something slick!

Trying Them On

Since I already have a pair of black square frames at home, I decided to choose something different this time round.
Took a whole 10 mins to try on all the glasses to see which one I like the most and I finally found my favorite pair!
It's the Brody Demi Frames.

Here's a closeup of it.
It has different shades of brown which makes it perfect to be paired with any vintage outfits.
Also, it's a little rounder so it's definitely different from what I have at home!

Alright, time to take off my contacts for an eye examination!
I feel and look so much better not wearing my old big eye contact lenses.
Was wearing it because my clear ones just tore yesterday T_T
Can't wait to leave the house again with my new pair of glasses because contact lenses can be bad for our eyes if we wear them for long hours every single day.

Thank god I did an eye examination again.
The last time I did was just 2 months ago and I just found out today that I have astigmatism on both of my eyes (I was assured that it's very low though), but my short short-sightedness dropped by -0.25 degrees yay!

I need to stop being on the computer so much :(
Peggy recommended that they should include the Computer Mid Index in the lenses for my eyes so they wont get too tired from sitting infront of the screen for long hours

She was so professional, fast and patient during the examination
Thank you for making me feel so comfortable throughout the session!

Thank you Visual Mass!
Can't wait to collect my new glasses in 2-3 days. I'll update this space again once I receive them!

BTW, Visual Mass is having a GSS 1 FOR 1 PROMOTION right now until 8th June!

$95 FOR 2 
(until 8th June) for Non-Prescription Glasses

For mid Index Multicoated Prescription Glasses

With any purchase, you are entitled to redeem a FREE PAIR of Single Vision Glasses worth up to $95!
(until 8th June)

Visit in pairs with your friends so you guys can save so much money these 2 days at Visual Mass!

*Limited to 100 pairs per day.

Their mission is to provide sight for the mass.
So every pair of glasses sold, they will distribute one pair to someone in need through their 'One for You, One for Them' initiative!

Thanks to them, we no longer need to pay a huge sum of money for just a pair of prescription glasses!

Check out their Facebook Page and Instagram for the latest updates and promotions 




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