SIREN LONDON: The London Dream

Just found my perfect Little Black Dress!
Wearing Flash Edge Tunic Dress that is currently on sale at $14, from Siren London.
Love how the Mesh neckline gives the illusion of an off shoulder dress.
It's soo silky too which is really easy to wear on a hot weather!

Full Lookbook Collaborations

Hat: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Statement Muse
Tunic Dress: Siren London
Coat: Thrifted
Shoes: Deandri
Photo: The BF

Been awhile since i've put something up here. So here's a little update of what's going on.
Just came back from a dinner date with the bf at Eggs & Berries.
The Salmon and Truffle Fries are so good!

Can't believe I missed the Youtube Fanfest yesterday where I can actually meet Bubz for the first time. Been watching her videos since I was 13 and she's an ultimate role model to everyone out there.
Not only she taught us to be comfortable in our own skin nomatter how gross, weird we sometimes are (love her for that), we should also find happiness and cherish what we already have, and constantly learn to give. 

Been quite busy lately preparing for a secret- 'Part 1' that is coming up hopefully next month (too bad i'm really good at procrastinating). Not so much hard work than 'Part 2', but fingers cross it all goes well!
I'm glad I've mastered the art of taking just a short 15-20 mins snapping photos instead of a whole hour. I guess it's because I've learnt to lower my standards by half and just take what I already have.

Kinda missing my red hair now but I guess I should go back to a darker shade of brown while waiting for my hair to grow out even longer. It's turning into a disgusting yellowish blonde and I can't wait to get rid of it soon!

This few days is gonna be hectic, but it's gonna be really different from my usual schedule. 
Spending the last few days visiting & enjoying different places with the bf before his enlistment. 
We are already planning getting a puppy together but we are waiting for the breed to be available.
Yes, we are both a dog person. But it looks like he's twice as excited as I am hahah

Been wanting to watch Insurgent, since i've already watched the first movie- Divergent.
Bought some snacks, movie tab already open, and i'll be snuggling into bed to watch it.

Thanks for reading! Talk soon,
Till then xx


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