Adv: Lost.SG

Currently scrapbooking a little gift for my bf before our stayca on the 16th!
Here's one of the pages where we visited..


I've always wondered how escape game rooms are like and why is it becoming really popular nowadays.
Now I know why!!

Finally visited Lost.SG together with my bf that day and we were so excited for it after hearing some of our friend's comments about their experiences.
It was so fun being detectives together and finding clues to exit the room.

Since it was our first time, we didn't know what to expect so they briefed us quickly and told us that we are gonna play one of the FIVE rooms.

Yes there are 5 different rooms in total!

Here's the 4 rooms that we haven't try. Maybe we will try them in future soon!
Seeing and writing this at 3am right now and seeing all these photos are giving me the creeps!!

Before we surrendered our belongings to our own lockers, we were told that we will be playing Castigilione.
They then showed us a short clip of the story  to help us in escaping the room. 

I remembered that I was so focused in the short clip because I was afraid I couldn't get out of the room just because I didn't pay attention HHAHAHA

Walked through the not-so-huge hallway of 5 doors and thinking to myself 
'hmm this isn't that bad, it should be just 1 small room to escape!' 
I couldn't be more wrong....

I remembered going into the room feeling a little creeped out because of the background sound.
Plus it's so so dark we can't even see our hands!!

Luckily they gave us some mini torch lights to help us out in our escaping.

We were so lost on what to do at first but after that, we kinda got the hang of it!
Once we finished unlocking all the clues in the small room, I thought we were done...
..until a second pathway opened. LOL

I'm stopping here or I will be gushing too much about the game room haha. 
You need to visit to know how fun it is!! 
So much stuffs that you will not be expecting. 

It's more than just locks! 
Requires alertness, brains and a lot of teamwork. 
We have to solve puzzles, do some maths, so much thinking and memory.
And each and every room is so different!

Took us quite awhile but we eventually escaped! (With the help of the team giving us some clues, ofcourse! Haha)
But I swear it's gonna be so much more fun if you have a group of friends with you too!
Also that way, you guys can multitask better.

Decided to wear our own customized couple tee that day!
Thanks Nydia for the shirts <3

When we finally escaped the mysterious room after solving each and every course,
They told us that they will help us snap a polaroid photo for us to keep, and 1 for them to put it up on their wall.
And we can also use the huge box of signage that they have.
So funny cuz they have all the rage comic faces too,
(exactly how our faces were when we are inside the room)

If you guys are interested in visiting escape game rooms, do come and try out Lost.SG!
I'm sure you will be so surprise in what they have in store for you.

Its only $20.90 for non peak hours,
And $26.90 for peak hours! ( Monday - Friday 6-11pm, Saturday & Sunday full day)

However, during peak hours, players MAY have to mix with another group unless you pay for 7pax to book the whole room!

Thank you LOST.SG for such a memoriable and fun gaming experience for us!!
Will visit again real soon!

For booking, visit

And do follow THELOSTSG on facebook, and @lostsingapore on Instagram  for updates.


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