Star Strucked

"Sometimes we are like stars, we fall just to let someone else's wishes come true"

Transitioning back to streetwear again!

Outfit inspired from Sailormoon with her school girl outfit and space bun-ed hair. 
Had already planned to snap this outfit for since a really long time ago and even wore this same outfit out 3 times but the weather was not cooperating with me :( 
Finally the rainy days are over and I'm finally able to snap this!
Thanks to my bf for making himself free yesterday <3

Before I bought this skirt, I thought it's just gonna be a cotton material and nothing special at all. 
But once I've recieved it, I've realized that it's actually made of a soft knit material! 
So In love with it. 

3 Pink stars to match my hair color. 
So much black roots are showing but I'm so happy to see that. 
Cuz this means that my hair is growing! 
Yes, I'm wearing extentions all along (as most of you know) because for some crazy reasons, I decided to chop my hair off to shoulder length to get rid of the frizziness. 
But guess what, it didn't work. Still so frizzy! 

It's now been 1.5 years since I started wearing extentions while waiting for my waist length hair to grow back. 
It's now grown just past my boob area so I'm left with 1 more year till I get my ideal hair length and ditch those extentions for good! 

Choker was a little gift from a follower and I've decided to pair it with this sailormoon inspired outfit once I've recieved it! 
Thank you so much <3 

Words read 'In Pizza we trust' 
Obsessing with this cute crop tank originally from Happy Mondays. 
In case you didn't know, it's a pizza heart! Not a heart with pimples all over haha.

I'm a little sad that I forgot to show the straps of this top. The navy and white striped straps with buckles are the main reason why I paired these 2 together! 

Sky high but incredibly comfortable Deandri Tequilas to finish off this look.

Keeping ourselves busy to start off our soon-to-be awesome journey this 2015, and yet still making time for one another whenever possible.
So many possibilities this new year and here are just some of my new year's resolutions!

Don't be a lazy girl
Treat others how you want to be treated
Stay away from negativity
Spread positivity
Eat better, Sleep right
LEARN TO DRIVE, LINDSAY! for god's sake omg
Don't stress on little things
Time is precious.  Don't waste a day doing nothing
Continue inspiring
Change my blog header's photos cuz it's already outdated

There's actually a long list but i'll just write down these few so there will be less failed resolutions at the end of the year hahah.
But i'll try my best to keep them up!

Drafting a few more posts before the end of the week.
See you on my next one!

Have you ever felt a slightest bit betrayed, and yet you can't really call that a betrayal?
Because others would only know the feeling when they experience the same thing themselves.


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