Oreo Crushed Brownies for Lazy People

(If you look closely, the top part of the cake is kinda gone cuz it was devoured by me once it was out of the oven)

Just made some oreo crushed brownies cuz bf and I are such sweet tooths and he has been treating me like a princess, cooking good food for me the past few weeks. 

So I was thinking why not do up a little tutorial too and put it up here for those who wants to bake something for their bfs/gfs this Valentine's day! 

Btw, just a disclaimer:


And yup only for lazy people (like me) or someone who just want's the fast & easy way out!
Because making it from scratch is only for professionals :P
And I'm definitely not one of them, so don't blame me if yours doesn't turn out looking like you expect it to be!!

It's my first time adding crushed oreos into my brownies so I was praying it will turn out fine.
Not really a tutorial though because I'm making it from a box so the instructions given are either common sense or already written behind the box.
But oh wells!! Just documenting it for fun :P

Professional bakers, please don't scold me!!

Here are the things i used to make my oreo crushed brownies!

Used 2 boxes instead of 1 because we are greedy like that.

Simple instructions, simple ingredients!

Since i'm using 2 boxes, i used x2 of each ingredient required.
So 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of vegetable oil 

Your baking pan and Baking Paper
Oh!! And if you are using 2 boxes, it's better to use a larger baking pan or it will take a long long time to bake.
Mine took quite a number of tries to get the brownie to bake all the way through because it was a little too thick

Mah baking tools!


And 2 eggs!
(One only required if you decide to only use 1 box)

Break the egg, and stir it gently
Don't whisk it vigorously though cuz we don't want the brownie to be fluffy, but dense instead.

Adding all of them in the bowl!

Next, just mix the flour in!

Not really a lazy-person move because a lazy person would use a mixing machine instead.
But just stir them goodness in till..

...it becomes a smooth viscous texture.

Try to get rid of any air bubbles too!

(Seriously don't know why I am typing all of these because the photos are kinda self-explanatory hahah)

Now for the best part.
Cuz everybody loves Oreos.. right?

Btw I came across some people in the 9Gag comments asking if they are the only ones who hates oreos and how they are over rated.
SERIOUSLY THO T_T why would you say that!?

Haha okay so next, break them into chunks!

And get ready to pour those addictives into the brownie mixture!

Stir to distribute the oreos evenly.
How sad, I forgot to leave some extra chunks to sprinkle them at the top of the mixture once it's in the pan.
I swear it would make a huge difference to the appearance of your brownie!

You can use oil or butter, but I personally prefer using baking paper to line my pan so it's easier to transfer my whole brownie onto another plate once it's done!

Super fast and easy.
Just trace around the base of your baking pan, cut around about 2cm larger, and cut some strips about 4-5cm in width for the sides.

This is how it should look like!
I always feel that we should always use a rectangle/square pan for brownies so we can easily cut them into squares.
But it's fine, a round pan for me will do!!

Pre-heat your oven according to the temperature & time stated on your box.
For me, it took WAAAYYY longer and a few tries until it was fully baked

And you're done!
Your Oreo's that are submerged in your brownie mixture will definitely melt while it's being baked which makes your brownies taste like Oreo's!
But if you sprinkle your Oreo's at the top layer before putting it in the oven, (which I didn't), it will turn out looking really pretty.

(Yes I went out to get more Oreo's while baking so I can decorate it to look photo worthy haha)

Loving my own DIY jar mug.
Will post a complete tutorial on making your own once i've mastered it!

Oh! And they've included this Hershey's Chocolate Syrup in the box.
If you want EXTRA chocolate, then pour that onto your brownie!
But I already felt that the Oreo's already made my brownies extra chocolaty so i'm I prefer it the way it is.

So just a few reminders for my next try and also some things for you to take note  :
1) Use a rectangle baking pan
2) Use a larger pan so the mixture can be cooked all the way through
3) Leave some Oreo's for the top layer

Prep time was only about 15-20 mins!
It's my first try so it didn't turn out like what I visioned it to be.
Try making it yourself and you would know what I mean!

I mean.. you could never go wrong with a box brownie.. right?



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