My Weekend: Timbre & The Tiramitsu Hero

Post long overdue as this was 2 weekends ago.
But bf brought me to Timbre to have dinner by the river last Saturday
Love weekends like this when we can just go out to just laugh and chill with yummy food on the table.

Love the view! And it was a perfect windy night

I don't know why, but my he always look so focused whenever he order food HAHA

I got myself a glass of mango juice!
Super yummy!
Btw don't order the ice lemon tea when you're there.
It tastes really REALLY weird! Whats more, it's the same price as the mango and other juices.

Our all time fav Truffle Fries and mayo!

Super-worth-it & really delicious buffalo wings.
I mean, 8 wings for $12+? That's so cheap compared to the other food in the menu!

I remembered that I was obsessed with this Roasted Duck pizza with crispy flakes when I was at Timbre with Chrysan and Alicia few months ago.
Can't help but to order this again!

Btw there was a band playing all of our fav songs.
They are really good and entertaining! We were like singing along to all the songs haha

It was about 12am and everywhere were already closed.
Walked to Raffles City for our Starbucks fix!

Mocha Mint Frappe (?)
Major love for this flavor!

Headed home together and we were so dead beat!
I always get super tired after eating so much food.
Such a pig haha.

Woke up the next day and finally went to meet up with my girls for lunch!
Jasmine suggested that we go visit The Tiramisu Hero.
Love the ambiance there!

Such a fun challenge upon walking into the cafe.
Solve it and have an ice tea on the house!

Seriously, this cafe is so beautifully decorated.

They also sell some stuffs at one corner of the cafe!
So obsessed with how they decorate everything

Hahaha they also have a 'smlj?' tee LOLLL

What's a cafe without coffee right?
Coffee lovers can bring this bag of coffee beans home too!
Even their packaging is so cute T_T

The famous Tiramitsu Hero Jars.

This is freaking cute omg T_T
Strawberry Shortcakes!
And check out their  new takeaway bag O.O

Dem girls and their perfect hair

Honey wings

Not so worth and meh tasting Mac and Cheese.
The portion is so small and yet its $9 :(

Fish/Chicken (?)
This is really yummy!

And I ordered the Curry Cheese Baked Rice.
Looks very flat, but it's actually quite filling!

After lunch, we took a walk outside to look for a good place for some photos together.
Since Eileen and I were wearing full black, I was thinking why not snap some together!

Jasmine's turn.
Seriously can't get over her perfect hair :(


Behind the scenes of every girl's ootd hahaha

We cray haha

Yay had such a great weekend!
See you on my next nail decal tutorial post <3


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