Adv: BarelyNakedSkins + Nail Decal Tutorial

One of my fav last minute looks I put together. 
Can't believe I actually scored this romper for only $10/$12 on Carousell

I've been taking a break from gelish nails because I've realized that my nails are getting too brittle. 
While waiting for my healthy nails to grow out again, I've decided to paint my nails burgundy for the Christmas season!! 
Too bad I didn't have time to touch up the chipped nail polish but
I'm glad Barely Naked Skins allowed me to have pretty designed nails, and at the same time save time putting them on too!  

So so pretty right!? 
What's more, you can design them however you want your nails to look. 
Since I want them to match my flash tattoos, I've Googled 'aztec flash tattoo's and crop out those that I want to use. 
With a little bit of retouching of color, this is how it turns out: 

Just how I wanted them to look like - vintage, dirty gold and a little metallic. 

BTW here are my ugly unkept chipped off nails. They grew so long that it's now so uneven :( 
So glad to finally be able to make them pretty again.
For those who are thinking of getting your nail decals Customized too, here's an easy peasy tutorial on how to put them on! 

What you will need: 
Nail polish of your choice (optional) 
Nail clipper 
Nail polish remover 
Cotton wool 
Mini scissors 

Removing my nail polish from the previous time round. If you don't have nailpolish on your nails, make sure to wash your hands beforehand to remove any dust/particles. 

If you want, you can file your nails to smoothen them out to add some shine so the nail decal can stick better! 

I've decided to only use some of them and paint the rest of the nails white so it wouldn't look too messy since everything is aztec prints.
But it's up to you on how you want them to look! 

All instructions up there! 
Super easy right? 

And that's it! You're done!
Super fast and pretty.
Seriously, nail decals are totally made for those who are vain and want to have pretty nail designs, but can't find time to slowly paint them on haha.

Here's a closeup!
Thank you BarelyNakedSkins!

They not only do nail decals, but their most popular decals are for phones!
They haven't come out with my phone model (Sony Z3 compact) yet so I had to borrow Alicia's iPhone 6 HAHA
*hint to BarelyNakedSkins! :P

Love this short quote on Tumblr which I currently live by.
Don't Quit your Daydream!
(Actually 'Never Quit Your Daydream' sounds better but meh too late lolol)
And that's why i've decided why not put this quote on my case!

I've always loved unique designs, especially when it's self customized!
There's something really special about knowing that it's one of a kind.

I found this christmas deer on google and tweeked it a little to my own liking.
(Dammit I read 'tweeked as 'twerked' when I was reading through this post before publishing it. What has internet done to me!?!?)

You guys can use it and put your own fav quote if you wish!

Here are some
Easy steps to customize your own phone skin:

1) Upload your image from your computer

2) Once it's uploaded, Drag your first image onto the device template

3) Zoom/ Rotate your first image to your own liking

This step is optional.
But i would like to jazz up the design since i felt it's a little to plain so I added a 2nd and 3rd image!
4) Then click to customize the front of your device

5) Drag and arrange your image again!
Went full paisley for the front haha

And you're done!!
Here's a preview of how it will turn out.
Only for $12.90 for this fully customized unique skin!? Super affordable!
Add to cart and your order will be mailed to you shortly.

Turned out amazinnnnggg!
It was a perfect phone skin for the Christmas Season!

Love how it's really thin (less than 1mm) and yet it prevents tough scratches.
Also, even though it sticks on your phone REALLY WELL, it doesn't leave a sticky residue when you remove it.
So this means you are able to change your phone skin every season and as & when you like!
So awesome right!?

Thank you BarelyNakedSkins for making it possible for all of us to customize our own Phones, Tablets, Macbooks and nails.

Do visit 
to try it out yourself!

Check out their instagram page for all other designs everyone had done.

And feel free to like their Facebook page too!

Hope this little tutorial helped some of you guys.
(Even though it's kinda unnecessary since they already made it really easy for all of us hahah)

See you on my next post <3


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