Space Invasion Megasale + Art Cafe

Midsummer Night's Dream.
As named by my mother who happened to snap this for me!

'Keep your head up high, and most importantly, keep smiling.
Because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about'
-Marilyn Monroe

Alicia have always been motivating us through quotes and it helps us all so so much!
Quotes are not just words, but it's words of wisdom from others that will help us get through life much easier.

Anyway, i'm finally back to revive my social medias!
(Acually only insagram, blog and lookbook cuz I only have them :x)
Went for a social-media break for 1 whole week and it feels so good to be back!
It's great to go for a break once in a while cuz I felt that it really helped me regain my energy.
No snapping of ootds, no scrolling through instagram, just out and about spending time with my loved ones.

Happy to be back and i'm starting off with this simple post of what happened during the 2 days of the Space Invasion Mega Sale!

Headed to Space Invasion at 2pm with Jasmine!

My regular customer for close to 2 years came and also brought her kids and hubby along!!

I'm so glad that I saw so many familiar faces there who also turned up at my ForFleaSake flea the other time!
Thank you for tagging me so I am able to feature our photos here <3

Also CaiFeng who was my secondary school junior came to support. Thank you so much! <3

Btw I was carrying a backpack, a laptop and a plastic bag wts.
How to shop like that!?
I was so surprised that they allowed all the shoppers to place our bags at the bags corner while a few of the Space Invasion girls safeguard it for you while you shop.
THANKGOD for that! 

Also, they will also place a number tag on your bag while u hang the same number on your wrist to ensure that shoppers will only be able to collect their own bags and not 'steal' other's.

After that, we headed to our all time fav Nana's Green Tea!

I ordered the Beef Patty Curry Rice and she ordered the Chicken Cutlet one!
We were so looking forward for the desserts but skipped it in the end cuz we are already so full.
Lesson learnt, if we visit Nana's Green Tea again, we are just gonna order the dessert.

After that, met Chrysan as she wants to shop at Space Invasion too!
She managed to snag so many cheap and fashionable clothing that I didn't come across previously!

Headed to the Art Cafe nearby later on for a snack cuz we were so tired and hungry
I mean, shopping = exercising right?
Especially when u have to dodge and squeeze in between people and see who snatch the clothing faster haha.

So in love with the cafe decor!
Makes me really happy when I went in cuz of all the sunshiny colors around.
I'm a sucker for pretty cafes to the extend that the food doesn't really matter to me.

The brownie was such a dissapointment.
I thought I was gonna get this piece cuz it looks really good, especially when there will be an icecream on top.
But guess what, this is just a display piece -.- so dissapointed! You'll see why later.

Love it when cafes stock up on magazines and books.
Relaxation is not all about sipping coffee and browsing through twitter and facebook dramas.
It's all about spending time with your friends or a quiet time with yourself.
But apparently, I was going around snapping photos of everything so I have no rights to say that hahaha

Everything is so artsy!
And yes, this display clock is working.
Got a shock of my life when I was snapping this and it suddenly flips lol.

Goodie Bags specially from Space Invasion!
Check out what we got:

Product samples and shopping vouchers!
Shoppers who went there were given product samples and some also had a mini makeover by the Loreal Girls who visited! Super duper fun!

My dear Chrysan who always look so swag!

We ordered some tuna, egg mayo and ham sandwich for us to share!
Simple but delicious.
The egg mayo is the best, just gonna order that next time when i'm there!

Oh and remember I mentioned that I ordered the brownie cuz it looks so good when displayed?
Here's a pic of the display piece again to refresh your memory:


Here's what we received:

Note that this is snapped immediately once it's placed on the table.
Icecream already melting, and chocolate sauce is dripped down on one side of the 'brownie'
Lack of chocolate sauce on the 'brownie' itself.


Hahah okay la I used the already melted one as the 'reality' cuz it looks funnier that way
BUT to my defense, it's only 3 mins on the table so it's not really of a great time difference.

And also it doesn't have the density of a real brownie, soft like a normal cake with a cheapo chocolate taste :/
Such Disappointment. Might wanna give this a miss when you're there!

We enjoyed the sandwhiches tho!
 Go for the Egg Mayo Sandwhich cuz Chrysan was obsessed with it!

 photo anigif_zpse3012569.gif

Day 2 at at Space Invasion Mega Sale and this was what I was wearing!

Cat printed baby pink crop top- H&M
Cream Crochet Dungaree- Space Invasion Day 1
Holographic Platforms- Butteredgun

Looked better that day cuz I realize that I look much younger with my fringe up or with side parting.
Hahah don't think I will go for center parting ever again.

Met Eileen cuz she wanted to shop after telling her how cheap and stylish all the clothes are at the sale!

Although the clothes on the 1st day was better, we managed to snag quite a few clothing on the 2nd day!

Thank you Space Invasion for the wonderful opportunity and experience!!
Everybody worked so hard that day to make everything go so smoothly.
Thumbs up for the Space Invasion + ForFleaSake team!!

Met up with my Sec School Bestie for a yogurt date since she was nearby and we were craving for frozen yogurt!

We wanted to try llaollao but omg the queue was crazy!
So we settled for Glacer instead cuz I love their mochi toppings!

Found it cool that it's measured by weight. Didn't know it's so overpriced though!
Spammed so much yogurt (cuz they only have 1 huge size cup, smart.) and turned out to be so overpriced.
They also ran out of Mochi :(

I'll just queue for 30 mins llaollao the next time HAHA

Pics from my cam! ^

And we spammed more on her phone cuz holding my cam is quite tiring.
She's one of those few who i feel comfortable being goofy and lame with her (since 5 years go) cuz she's also super goofy and lame.
We are always laughing the whole time at small random things Hahah

Had such a great experience spent with my friends and also meeting some of my followers!
Hope all of you had a great time shopping at Space Invasion Mega Sale!

Till then <3


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