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Just put together a quick outfit for today's post!
Was going for a chill-weekend kinda feel cuz it's finally Saturday!!
Just celebrated my bf's birthday yesterday till 5am and we are gonna go on a date out again today!
Can hardly open my eyes right now but it's gonna be another fun day!

Styling ShopSassyDream's Crochet Trim Denim Shorts with a Crochet Crop Tank
Threw on a Khaki Adventure Shirt to cover up a little more and a brown studded belt which I got for $3, hahah!
ShopSassyDream just had their retail store opening yesterday and i'm so excited to visit them!!
More details of it at the end of this post!

My fav combo- Tassel Leather Bag + Lace up Heels
Many of you have been asking me where did I get those heels. 
I might be opening an affordable preorder on it if you girls really want it, just let me know what you think! 
I'll style a black pair another time!

Closeup of the delicate crochet trimings.
I love anything crochet over denim and I love how this one is a combination of it. 
It's super comfortable and it's kinda my everyday lazy-outfit shorts now
Just tuck in a tank top or a throw on a knit pullover over it and you're ready for a lazy weekend!

It's still available in S and M size so go get it before it's all sold out!

Okay so i just mentioned earlier that they just had their retail opening yesterday, and YES!
I'm so excited to announce that ShopSassyDream is having a 20% Promotion STOREWIDE at their NEW retail store at Far East Plaza!
 ONLY 2 MORE DAYS for the storewide sale!
So do check their new store out at Far East Plaza #01-80 today and tomorrow!

They just posted this photo on their instagram and check out all the pretty clothing in the background!
I will be aiming on their Kimono Rompers when i'm there!!

Also, those who have made your purchase at their store, do tag your buys at #ssdfepopening !
They will be giving away vouchers to selected winners!

So many promotions going on and i'm so excited to check them out!
Also, do visit their online store too at 

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Planned to visit The Cat Cafe the week before when we walked pass it at Bugis St!
Finally visited it along with Jasmine and Boong the other day.
Eileen was suppose to meet us too but she was TERRIFIED of cats so she's gonna join us for dinner after instead!

So many food and drinks but we decided to give them a miss since we're having dinner right after this!

Saw this really cute cartoon kitty cup and I was told that it was hand-drawn by their customer!

Also, they only allow a limited number of people in the cafe so be sure to make your reservation beforehand or you would have to write your name and you'll be contacted once there is a slot for you!

We waited about 30mins while munching on Nacho & Fries at Long John!

Complimentary Drinks!

Packed with so many people but it was still really cosy.

Btw I realize how each and every cat there have different personalities haha!
This one goes to each and everyone's bag and start sniffing and lying down on it.

And this one sleeps anywhere and everywhere.
He/She can just walk halfway and start sleeping LOL

Told Ya!

Their beds, are prettier than ours :(

This one got PMS.
Super grumpy!

Super cute!! So happy to have captured this shot of both of them.

Jasmine and I climbed ontop of a chair to capture this shot.
Things we do for a photo!

After that, we met Eileen at Bugis Junction and we headed to the Japanese Restaurant!
Again, we needed to wait for a space.

Happy & hungry us!

Somehow, I hate it when restaurants give this Ipad thingie cuz it's always so confusing.
And our order couldn't get through cuz their system was down.
So in the end, they gave us this normal menu instead!
So much faster and easier.

It's a must to order their crispy wings. There are a few sauces to choose form as well!!


Mine! I love anything with honey & chicken

Jasmine's! Would definately order this if i'm not starving!
I mean look at the egg-chicken goodness!

Eileen's Udon!

I'm quite a slow eater so Eileen and Jasmine played this game and the loser has to eat the Lemon.
LOL at Eileen's face

 photo anigif_zps530c3a4d.gif

And also loser has to eat this chili powder mixed in mayo.

Had such another fun day with them!!
Love simple outings like this cuz it's those days where we can bond the most.
More of our outing posts to come!
This means you guys will be seeing more food posts cuz we love food :P


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