Stateland Cafe

What I wore for a tea break at Stateland Cafe!
Everything was picked up at Space Invasion on that same day and I wore it straight away cuz it's way too cute!
Kinda suits the cafe theme as well doesn't it??
Will get into details on the individual items that I got from SI really soon!

Visited this cafe again as I needed to snap some photos for this post which is dedicated to the launch of EP 3 of My Lunch Wagon!
Will put the video at the bottom of this post! 

What's a cafe without coffee, right?
They have quite a number of coffee and tea selections to choose from.
Not to mention, all day breakfast which I would love to have instead, if I ever pass by again!

We ordered their Red Velvet waffle which is drizzled with cream cheese and vanilla icecream
Not sure why, but it's tastier the other day we tried it during filming!
Nevertheless, I love the color of it! My hair will be the same color as it in a few days HAHAH
It has always been this red velvet color on my outfit photos, but it will be Legit this time LOL

Btw I think this will be the last post of me with my hair extentions.
Just took them out at Milly's yesterday and I felt like crying again.
They cut a lot of hair off cuz it's so tangled up. But oh well, hope J7 can save my hair again!!

With Darling Chrysan and her usual swag outfit!!
When we were at Space Invasion choosing our clothing, I told her that I love shopping with her cuz we will never choose the same piece of clothing, and she agreed 100%!
Our style is just too different, I guess opposites attract! :P

So here's EP3 of My Lunch Wagon where we visited Stateland Cafe!!
Unfortunately Chrysan couldn't make it that day :( 
But luckily we have Alicia as the special character for this episode- A rapper!
Feel free to leave a comment of what you like about it and what you want us to improve on.
We are very open to suggestions! <3

Gosh my hair was such in a mess that day, but hope you enjoy the video!!


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