Dasies All Over + KPO Cafe & Bar

This week's obsession: Rita Ora- I Will Never Let You Down
Press Play!!

One way to style up a simple romper is to just add a blazer!
Since my romper is daisy printed, i've decided to throw on a yellow blazer to keep with the same theme.
Love how wearing just a blazer makes any casual outfits look formal.
Scored this yellow blazer at a charity thrift store near my home at only $7!! 
I've forgotten the name of the store, but I'll list it down when I do a thrift shopping post!
Daisy Romper is from Bugis Street second floor for $15 when they were having sales.

Studded clutch is from ShopKysse some time back. Love it so much because the quality is really really good!

Studded Platform Booties is from an instashop last year at $36.
LOVVE thrifting for clothings.

Headed to Far East Plaza with Chrysan and Alicia as Alicia was craving for the Thai food there!
This is her testing out my new lens by snapping some closeup shots of us.

IM IN LOVE!! So so happy with it, i mean like check out the difference I took on the night I got it:

My Kit lens (The original one that comes with the body)
Slight bokeh at the back cuz its super closed up. For potrait/ Full body shots, the background is not blurred which makes the whole photo look really flat.

New lens! Check out the bokeh!! All you need is some words, and it will look like a coffee advertisment LOL


Anyway, Chrysan bought some snacks for the J7 Team but we totally forgot that they are closed on every 7th of the month.
Since we are all already so full after lunch, she decided to give them to some beggars on the street!
Such a sweet thing to do <3

Spend about 1-2 hours snapping photos outside Ion and then off to meet Justin and Faith!

BTW we witnessed such a SICK thing at Ion that day.
There's this TV thing outside an american store featuring a 2014 Lookbook short video and in that video, there's some scenes featuring a lady half naked but cupping her boobs with 2 hands.

While we were waiting,
There's like this old TIKOPEK (wearing a tshirt, berms and slippers with a huge HUGE bear belly) staring at the TV with his eyes LITERALLY popping out.
I didn't notice him at first but Alicia noticed him walking into the toilet for about 10mins(?) after staring at the screen for quite some time.
And then he came out and stood in front of the TV again looking at those half naked ladies wtsss.

It's not like the video is all about half naked ladies. It's just a few short 2-3 seconds scenes of those ladies for a 20sec video played over and over again.
But some sick people actually decided to take it as a porno that can be watched just outside the washroom.

AND HE'S NOT SHY AT ALL!! I mean if you wanna watch, watch it from afar.
Don't stand 30cm away from the huge screen at stare at it for a whole 10 mins..


Anyway, we headed to KPO Cafe and Bar for dinner afterwards!

I'm always mailing out my parcels at Killiney PO just beside this bar and I've always wanted to visit this place. It's always fully packed but luckily, there were less people that day because it's a weekday!

Coincidentally similar outfit!

Had fish and chips and it's really REALLY good!!
Fishes and fries are still crispy on the outside after spending about 10 mins trying to snap a good shot of the food hahah.
And one thing about this dish is that they are very generous with the fish!

Alicia's Alio Oglio.
Spicy, tangy and delicious!

Idk what flavor is this, but it's Chrysan's spaghetti!
Love the big fat prawns.

Didn't snap Justin and Faith's dish as we are sitting really far away! :(

Thank you Justin for the meal!
Had a great night with them!!


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