Sponsored Review: TinyTeatox by YourTea

So it's 5.30am right now and I have already planned to not sleep today just so I can draft a cafe-hopping post so I can post it up tomorrow evening when I'm in KL!
At the same time, I can also adjust my bodyclock so I can sleep at the proper timing from tomorrow onwards HAHA
Rushing on this post too so an instapost can be up before I board the plane! I'm so afraid that I will look like a zombie panda tomorrow. 
But it's okay!! Because with the help of my Tiny Teatox tea, it will help to detox my toxins in the morning!

Gosh i really don't know why humans have to sleep. Sleeping is such a waste of time don't you think?
But still, it's SUPER important to have enough sleep because it is when your body releases all the toxins from from your body.
Without enough sleep, you won't be able to function properly (like me right now, check out my previous sentence properly LOL) and everything in your body will go wrong.
You will experience eyebags, pimple breakouts, digestive problems, flabby tummy AND SO MUCH MORE!

WTSS i don't wanna experience them all at once T_T Even with enough sleep, I still have no idea why my eyebags are still visible and why was face is still so rough. :( 
Sometimes I also wonder wtf is wrong with me..
But after drinking this tea for close to a month, all of these problems are slowly going away!

I was SUPER excited when I receive this package from YourTea.com!
I am such a sucker for pretty packaging and anything pink and sweet!

Besides the packaging, I also realize how strong the smell of their tea leaves are. I think one teabag can make a pot of tea for a family of 5 lor! SO WORTH IT!

I'm currently keeping this box on my bedside table so now my whole room smells like a garden :D
No wonder I notice my blood pressure goes down and I feel much more relaxed recently when I'm in my room.

Such a huge box with so many sachets which I didn't even bother to count because it's SO MANY!!
I think it can last me (and my family) for a few months!

I am actually giving some away to my friends to try because I know I won't be able to finish them all :P

OKAY! So besides the number of sachets in a box and the gardeny smell of this tea, you might be wondering.. 
'What are the benefits??'

Gosh where do I start..? 
First and most importantly, it cleanses your digestive system.
Your digestive system processes whatever you food you put in it. But what if that system doesn't work properly?
Well, this can lead to the following issues;
Fat storage, Trapped Toxins, Upset Stomach, Decrease in Energy Levels, Loss of skin health

What scares me the most is how a poor digestive system can lead to Cellulite, you know those ugly squiggly lines on the thighs?
Cellulite isn't just caused by excess fats! It's also caused by trapped toxins, poor circulation and a lack of strong healthy blood to carry toxins out of the bloodstream.

And that's why some slim girls have cellulite, that's often an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle and/or diet.
And I am guilty of that!! Because guess what? I have a slight cellulite on my upper thigh
Dafug I thought I was getting fat LOL, but it's my unhealthy lifestyle and diet before I've started on my TinyTeatox!

What entices me the most about this tea is that it's perfect for those who exercises to loose weight or even tone up!
Don't expect your cellulite or fats to go away just by drinking this tea alone.
You have to be willing to work with your body and maintain that healthy lifestyle.

I noticed that this tea really aids in toning my body up a little and reduce excess fats from my tummy and thighs just by doing simple exercises regularly!
That's because my system is now able to get rid of toxins and excess fats!

 Super happy that this tea is helping me to reduce my eyebags *IF I sleep at the proper timing.
Previously, nomatter what time I sleep/how sufficient sleep I get, my panda eyes are still stuck there >:(
Now that it's helping me reduce my toxins, my liver can now work properly which helps in reducing my eyebags!!

 Just a TinyTea bag, but works wonders for your body.
OH! And guess what I found in the box?

A little booklet of words!!
LOL sounds so bimbotic.

 When I open it up, I realize that they not only carry a tea that cleanses your digestive system.
They have so much more to choose from!

Anti-C Tea for Cleansing and Purifying your Body!

I think I need this tea because it reduces MOOD SWINGS!
I'm having major moodswings these few days and also irritated skin :( Perfect tea for ladies to consume on a daily basis!

But best of all, I love my Tiny Tea the most because it's an all-in-one tea!
Check out this page for the complete benefits of this Tiny Teatox tea!

Love your body and it will love you back.
Remember, a healthy diet and regular exercise helps a TON! 
So start living a healthy lifestyle today with the help of your Detox tea by YourTea!

It's 7.50am now!
Can't believe i'm talking about Healthy Lifestyle when it's 7.50am and I'm not asleep yet. -.-
It's okay, I think my bodyclock will be back to normal tonight!
And I'm supposed to be awake in 10mins time anyways....
Please don't follow my sleeping habits okay!

Btw thank you so much to Chrysan & Jasmine for snapping photos for this post on 2 different days!
I knew I could count on you girls <3


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