Sunflowers and Flea Shopping

Walked pass the side view of this truck when I was with Alicia & Chrysan the other day and promised myself I will snap an outfit post with it!
Little did I know it's the same truck which Eileen took and it's my fav fav FAV pic of her!

If you haven't notice, This outfit is inspired by my dearest friend @Eileenmak
Love how her style is always effortlessly chic but still have that vintage vibe which I love.
I still remember going crazy over her Editors Market skirt that I rushed down the next day to check if they have the shorter version of it HAHA! Too bad the Skorts version was sold out in my size :(

Managed to snag this $12 Sunflower Top from a seller on Carousell which was originally from H&M.
Fringe Skirt- Zara
Necklace- Forever21
Wide Brimmed Hat- River Island
 Studded Heels- H&M

And here's her outfit for the day!
Our colors are coincidental once again. Obsessed with her kimono too!

Seriously, this girl knows the latest news (and the latest gossips) one!
Pulled me to flea shopping which I didn't even know of until she told me!
Too bad Jasmine couldn't make it that day :(

Awesome music there. Gets everyone in a crazy shopper mood HAHAH

There are like 2 rooms at the flea.
Spent about only 15 mins at the first one and OMG Eileen is already carrying so so many bags on her arms HAHA

Went down to withdraw more money so we can check out the 2nd part which is my fav cuz there's FOOD!

Prettiest cards ever. They tied flowers at the side!
Love how bakery booths are always so creative and they make sure every tiny little thing is pretty.

The blue one is actually a cookie monster face facing backwards. SUPER CUTE

My guilty pleasures

Met a few girls there today and ofcuz, bumped into Jovelle and Rachel as well!
They are everywhere hahaha!

Starving like crazy as I haven't eaten anything the whole day.
Headed to Astons as I was craving for something western!

Happy us when the drinks arrived. IT WAS SUCH A HOT DAY

Both of us ordered kinda the same thing, just that she's healthier than me LOL
I just cant resist mash potato which I always use as a dip for their awesome potato wedges :(

Headed home at about 6pm and then got ready to meet my bf for dinner!
It's out 5 years 5 months together. Yes, we still celebrate every month hahah

Had such a fun day even though i'm not the one who shopped like a maniac HAHA
But i manage to pick up some super cute (and cheap) items which I will feature altogether another time!


Anna.eM said…
lovely blog! very nice outfit!


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