Percolate Cafe

My outfit for that day.
Most of it are my bargain buys!

Pearl Lace Bralette: Carousell @etjl ($12) Originally from Forever New
Shorts: Forever21
Knitted Cardigan: TBM Flea ($8)
Belt: Thrfited

Fedorah Hat: Talisman @ FEP ($16)
Platform Shoes: City Plaza ($18)
They sell tons of $18 platforms on the second level of CityPlaza!

Haven't met Jasmine for quite awhile(since her Birthday) so we planned to catch up at Percolate Cafe!
We wanted to visit this cafe a few months ago since it's opening but we didn't have the time to.
But finally we were both free that day and it's super near our homes so why not!?

Already loving the outside of the cafe.
We planned to have Thai Food nearby this place for lunch first before heading to this cafe since they are only focusing on cakes and coffees for now. But too bad it was closed! :(
So cakes for lunch will do LOL

The one thing that I really love about this place is it has a really calm and relaxing atmosphere
See that guy over <<<< ? He brought his work to study there (just that I caught him at the wrong time when he was using his phone LOL)
Yes, that's how quiet and relaxing this place is!

Busy busy! Oh and btw, the boss is very VERY welcoming, polite and kind!
So thumbs up for that!

The few cakes that they had that day. I was quite dissapointed when I see the pricing cuz you can eat like a full meal for $7. But I totally did not regret getting it, you'll know why later!

Jasmine taking photos of me, taking photos of her (and the whole cafe lololol)
Her camera is in such a pretty turquoise color!!
It was love at first sight for her when I sent a photo of this camera to her. There's wifi for this cam too so she quickly went to get it (without waiting for me) cuz she was too eager HAHA!
So happy for her! Don't have to put makeup can still look super flawless.

My camera captures my blackheads O.O

They a few kinds of yummy pastries, TOM YAM Grilled chicken (!? Why didn't I saw that !?), Coffee, Juices and more!

Saw a lady ordered a Red colored layered cake and I was like 
'OMG they sell red velvet cake here!?'
Jasmine ordered that cuz it looks so pretty! But I ordered a Salted Caramel Cake for myself instead so we can each try a different flavor.

Totally not regretting mine,
The cake itself is very soft and moist along with the cream. But ontop of that, they drizzled some Salted Caramel sauce for that extra moistness and taste.

It's so worth it for $6! The Red Velvet tasted really good too, but it's quite meh compared to the Salted Caramel one! 

So if you are around that area and plan on visiting this cafe, do go for their Salted Caramel cake! (Even though the Red Velvet cake is more photo worthy :P )

Ice Chocolate to go along with our cakes.
Not recomended! Quite diluted in my opinion (Cuz I like mine thick and rich)
You can actually make a better one at home so go for their coffee instead! I heard that they sell awesome coffee there!

Selfies sent straight from her Camera, to my phone, to my computer!
We so flawless :P

After catching up, Jasmine helped me take my advert and ootd photos!
Thank you so much for helping me!! <3 

Went home to shower & change to a more comfy outfit, then went to meet Chrysan!
Helped her snap some photos and then had our dinner at EWF!

Had such a great day with great company!


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