Birthday Picnic

Finally a blog post along with an instagram ootd post which I took just a few hours ago!
Was kinda 'home-ridden' the past couple of days because i caught my brother's fever.
Missed out all the fun at Fashvacation in which the girls went. But it's okay, there will be more of these in future!!

I'm crazy over daisies, haha!
And I think I have mastered the tieing of a fishtail braid! How do I fair?
Stuck some daisies on it to go along with my daisy top which I got for $5 at Flea Titan few months ago.

This birthday post is long overdue :(
But we planned a picnic together which we intended to do for more than a year already!!
As usual, we brought some props for phototaking :P

Love them!!
It was super crowded there at Marina Barrage, but we managed to find a perfect peaceful place to open our picnic mat.

I actually planned to bake brownies in the morning but I overslept omg!! 
So I just have to make do with pizza in which my Mum helped me to make.
Boong brought the drinks and Eileen brought Pringles and Jelly hahaha!

My pizza turned cold once I open them up, but its still awesome okay!!
Check out Jasmine's reaction after her first bite :P

That's my irritating laugh btw :x

And yes, we have a perfect view of the sea, and also birds trying to steal our food -.-

Photos of the birthday girls!!

And now it's my turn to join in, LOL
Thanks boong, for helping us snap this pic!! And thanks to me for suggesting this, HAHAH

Packed our stuffs and headed down for more photos
Seriously, the wind must maintain!!

It's unfair how both their hair still looks fine after the crazy wind and my hair looks like a lion afterwards -.-

Best part of the day- DINNER!!
Went to Fish & Co @ The Glass House

The cakes look so so good! 
Too bad we didn't have any more space for desserts after our meal :(

Took the longest to decide on what to eat, as usual.
Soo many choices!! Eileen was the fastest LOL
Opens up the menu, saw that they have Pasta, then close the menu already hahaha

Eileen's Pasta arrived first. 
Omg look at all the cheese and cream and the fat prawns!!

Ordered grilled Salmon with rice and Mash Potato.
Love love LOVE mixing their Mash Potato with the rice. Like Babyfood :P

 My Cranberry Soda. 
Yep, chose it because of the color, but I'm not regretting it cuz it tastes really sweet & refreshing!

Jasmine's portion, with Mash Potato.
Not sure if it's Fish or Chicken, but it looks so crispy!

Boong's Platter!!
OMG this looks the best amongst all of ours. There's like prawns drenched in mayo, sunbathing at the side together, there's rice and fries too!

Boong's Mojito

The place started getting packed when our food arrived.
The live band started singing too in which I enjoyed, but it was too loud for our liking cuz we couldnt talk much to each other.
But thumbs up for such good singing and choice of songs!

Hahaha night still young. Boong had to catch a movie with a friend so we're just left with 3 of us!
Headed to orchard for some shopping at Forever21 and then H&M!!

Such a fun day with all of them! Our first picnic together and a perfect dinner.
Thanks Boong, for the lovely day!

Hope both of you had a blessed birthday!!
To many more birthdays and many years of friendships to 3 of us <3


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