Tangerine OOTD + Wonderland Cafe

Music i'm listening to right now:
Alicia and I were discussing yesterday about what type of songs we love to listen to and we realized that this was one of our favorites!

 Today's Instagram post!
Finally got to wear my Tangerine colored platform heels that I got for $10 last year when I went shopping with gf Deborah!
She's one of my best shopping partners because we have such similar styles, we usually end up getting the same item of a different color! Haha
Haven't got a chance to meet her for a shopping date since, hopefully we get to go out real soon!

 Starbucks Craneberry drink. It's suppose to be red but i edited it orange so it looks better in the pic :P

Outfit details:
Pearl Lace Bustier: Forever New (Got it at a steal of $12)
Tangerine Skorts: Carousell $4 (She still has 2 other designs left so I think i'm gonna grab them if you guys don't Hahah)
Headpiece: Lovisa 

A few of you were asking me where I get my headpieces. They are usually made out of necklaces which I don't wear anymore. Will do a tutorial real soon!

Shoes from Bugis Street at $10

Decided to have a chill-day together so we picked a  good day to meet up so we could keep ourselves free, which was on Wednesday!
We still didn't decide the location till Jasmine and I were discussing it the day before at 2am 
(Eileen's asleep already)

Visted Shop Wonderland together! 
I'm so in love with all the decor and I'm so gonna revamp my room using this as my inspiration.

Was playing with my camera and I discovered the 'Toy Camera' filter mode.
Top 3 photos are non edited at all, love the colors!!

3 of us, and only 1 hot chocolate because all of us had our lunch beforehand already and we were too full to order anything!

Haha this cutie drink until her lips got chocolate


Love you girls!

Went window shopping all around Hajilane because everything there changed so much!
There were so many new shops and everything upgraded.

And then there's this particular shop where we planned to go to because there were cats!
And Eileen is terrified of cats so we just wanted to see her reaction hahaha
Super funny!

 photo eileen_zps69000e6d.gif

Had some time before heading to Bugis Plus for dinner so we took some OOTDs and jump shots!

 photo riceyme_zps328ebcab.gif

Funnest part of our day has always been us taking jump shots!!
Third time so far

 photo riceyeileen_zps7fa520a5.gif

Anyway, I love snapping candids of them because it's always so hillarious! Hahaha!

The chef were handing out cookie samples when we were passing by their store.
After a bite, we went in because it tasted sooooo good!

Bought the Oatmeal Macdamia Nut Cookies to for my boyfriend cuz I intent to pass it to him after his work.
Hope you like your cookies like I did!!

Headed to Gong Cha after that because we were so dehydrated from all the multiple failed jumping shots haha!
Love their store at Bugis Plus because you can just chill there and play some card/board games.

'Old Maid'
Reliving our childhood! Matching the cards and tossing those that don't have a pair because many of the cards have gone missing!
So funny because everytime someone gets the Old Maid, they automatically laugh HAHA
Wheres the poker face!?

Saw this on the shelf and we just took it and play.
Didn't even thought playing games there will be fun. Especially this one HAHA!
Super funny and Eileen even recorded the video of it.
I wanna post it here but idk how to transfer videos to my computer. So forget it :(

Had such a great day with my girls, we really need to have another chill day some time soon!
Already planning on going on a vacation. Can't wait!

Met up with Alicia yesterday for some phototaking!
Chrysan was suppose to come with us but she fell asleep the last min when we were suppose to meet "/

Vulgar teeshirt she wore that day!
I remembered her telling me that she has always wanted to snap photos in a trolley.
Lucky day, we saw some trolleys parked in the middle of the carpark and we borrowed it HAHA
(Okay actually we kinda stole it because we didn't put it back)

We had to push it to the location where we wanted to shoot at so this means crossing the traffic light with so many people staring at us.
Since Alicia brought a few sunnies, we wore them the whole time we were pushing the trolleys so it wouldn't be that embersassing HAHA

Few of the photos I took! 
Another fun day, looking forward for the weekends!!


Unknown said…
You and your friends are super cute! love the looks and great photos

This outfit is adorable. Love!

Alison said…
Please post a headpiece tutorial soon! It's hard to find pretty ones outside..
Lyndsay said…
It's so great to have friends like that to shop with! I really like the green print and orange on your skirt, it makes such a nice combination.

prosecco in the park
M + K said…
We can't believe you got that last bustier for $12! We never manage to find bargains in forever new, but they do have some gorgeous things

AJ said…
You look great :)

AJ | TheAJMinute

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