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Day out with Alicia to the beach since both of us were so free that day!
If you have noticed, I'm kind of a perfectionist for what I post on my instagram feed. (I know some of my friends are the same as me and can relate!!)
 So that's why I decided to snap some pictures with her for my Mid Week Chill Pill shoutout for her!

If you have not watched it, GO WATCH IT NOW!

I laugh so hard at the part where she prank called Parisa 
Parisa: 'Don't cry!! Stay Strong, Cancers are strong people'
Alicia: 'But I'm not a Cancer!!!! T_T '


Super funny because I forgot to bring my tripod that day and so we were trying so hard to stand the camera on the tree trunk and on the sand and using the self timer.
Then one guy (who has a wife with him and 3 super cute children) saw how hard we were trying to take a picture together, asked us if we needed some help.
And I was like 'YESS!! THANK YOU!! '

He told us to sit against the sunlight and me and Alicia was thinking 'Huh? Won't we turn out super dark?'
But we just went with it and the pictures turned out super beautiful!
Because guess what? He's a part time photographer!

Haha lucky us, thank you!

Outfit details taken using the self timer on the fallen tree trunk lolol

Alicia's Outfit
Fringe Top - Bangkok ; Pompom Shorts - Ninth Store ;  Necklaces - Forever21

My Outfit
Crop Top - H&M $12.90 ; Lace Skirt - Thrifted $5

Pretty girl with Pretty hair!
All thanks to J7Image!

Unglam candid shot of me brushing the sand off my legs.
But I love how my braided hair looks here!

Headed to Ehub to meet Chrysan for dinner together!
Had Nasi Lemak cuz I was craving for their fried chicken.
Just beside the shop was this coloring thingie where Chrysan kept saying she wanted to do it LOL

So okay! We went with it despite the mothers looking at us hahaha!

Chose a sunflower to color for my bf because it reminds me of  'Plants vs Zombies' that we played long time ago!

Love being stupid with her!
Fun day with both of them! Didn't know we would be this close because of our totally different personalities (especially me and chrysan)
She's too crazy for me Hahah!
And Alicia was the super shy one when she first met both of us. 
Turns out, She's totally not shy at all one lor!! Another crazy girl!!

Check out our first episode of My Lunch Wagon where I learn how to make coffee while they went to spam pictures without me! >:((


ice pandora said…
Beautiful beach looks c:
Love the crafting part :P

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