Minty Fresh

Date week! Because my boyfriend is having his holidays this week. :D
So yesterday, he took me out for a stroll at the beach
Love going to the beach on the weekdays where we can have like one whole area to ourselves.

Been saving this kimono for a beach date since January when Lookbookstore sent it to me.
Finally got to pair it with a white lace romper and a flower crown!

Uneaven flooring and high heels :( Risking my life here just for some pictures!!
Talk about dedication hahaha!

Flower Crown- Lovisa (3 for $13 sale)
White Lace Runner Romper- Modevoleur
Mint Kimono Outerwear- Lookbookstore

Pics taken by my boyfriend (aka my personal photographer :P)
Thank you for being ever so willing to snap pictures for me when we go out!

Hahah wth posing like a model behind me

Walked about idk, 3km(?) to the hawker center for our dinner when the sun sets! 
Luckily for us, we had each other to talk and joke around with so it doesn't seem that far.

Was craving for satay so he ordered some for me!

And my coconut juice that I always order whenever I'm here.

It's been so long ever since I had hawker food.
Major yums!!

Had such a fun day even though it's just us chit chatting and a having a stroll at the beach.
But, it's always the simple things in life that makes us the happiest!

It's gonna be another exciting week. Can't wait!


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