Flea Party at Lucky Plaza Level 6!

Guess what girls!?
I will be heading to the Flea Party tomorrow with my bf to sell my Pre-loved and Brand new items!!
When I say Pre-loved, it means that I only wear them once or just a few mins just for a photo taking!
So means every single item are of good condition!

Also, I will be giving away a super cute crop top, so read on to find out how!!

It's my very first time selling clothing as low as $2!
And everything listed here are just a sneak peek of what i will be bringing. 
There will be many more so you just have to be there to find out!

I am a romper-collector. So this means whenever I see a cute romper, I'll just buy it.
But the problem is, I never find a chance to wear them because they are either too cute, or I don't bear to wear them out.
So that's why most of them are brand new or lightly worn!

The Runner Shorts craze is not over yet! So be sure to keep a lookout for floral/ crochet shorts that I will be selling!!
Only one piece each so be sure to grab them fast :P

Summer crop tops! Sunflowers, Daisies and more!

For those ladies who loves wearing knitted pullovers and cardigans!

And here's something a little special for you girls!!
Since many of you have been commenting/ asking/ askfming me about where I got my Oh Shit! Crop top that I wore just for my MWCP EP11 Dyed Shorts Tutorial,
I've decided to give that away to the first person who spend a minimum of $40 at my booth!!

This crop top is my favorite clothing in my closet and I can't bear to give it away, but i'm just gonna do it just for you guys who are coming over!!
I'm baking brownies tomorrow too so do look forward for that if you buy something from me!!

I'll be there from 1pm to about 5 or earlier so do come early to snatch the pretty stuffs!!
Can't wait to see all of you at

Lucky Plaza, Level 6, opposite Jollibee
28 June 2014, Saturday


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