Crochet & Florals

It's 5am and i'm still not asleep yet T_T
I was editing these pictures I took with Alicia yesterday at the beach until I realize I was itching all over my body!!
First thing I checked was my face (super important :x) and it was okay, phew.
They look like mosquito bites but they come in bunches and I think my thighs alone has about a hundred of them.
OMG I suspect it was the prata + curry I ate for supper last night. Maybe there were prawns in the curry? IDKK
So that's why i'm awake right now to blog a short one!!

Took 2 outfits yesterday, so this is the first part!
2nd part taken with Alicia up tomorrow or so!

Crochet Top: (Got it from a carouseller for $8!)
Floral Crochet Shorts: Forever 21
Cardigan: Carousell too at $15
Dreamcatcher Necklace: Forever21
Belt: Thrifted

Haha! A candid shot while I was walking over  to view my pictures from the cam!

AND STUPID HEELS! (Or stupid me?)
I totally forgot that I will be walking on sand so I brought these gladiators along with me.
So I was walking like a 2 year old the whole time and falling down occasionally..
 LOL thanks for the unglam shot Alicia

Was craving for some Tacos so we headed to a Mexican Restaurant on Tuesday!
Urm.. It's not this place but I just took my ootd since the background is so Parisian!



Nachos, Burritos and Tacos.
Love how they pile a hugeload of avocados in all their food!

Time check, 10.30am. Slept for 2 hours but was awaken by all the itch.
Checked my face and now I look like Mrs Puff, it's super swollen with red patches all over. T_T
Guess I'm staying home today!


Anonymous said…
Love your outfit! and Get well soon Lindsay!

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