Boho Chic + Flea Party

What I wore to the Flea Party (and photo taking the day before)!
It was actually Boho Chic themed but it turned into a Red Indian inspired outfit thanks to Alicia!

While we were snapping some pics halfway, she thought of putting some small leaves on my head.
Haha so creative!!

Sunnies- Alicia's
Paisley Romper-
Belt- Gift from Eileen <3
Necklace- Forever21
 Lace Button down Batwing 'Kimono'- $8 Carousell (@qworthy)
Studded Sandal heels- $22 Carousell (@hourglass) RTP $60 from H&M

Love the back of the romper so much!
Wanted to pair it with a cage bralette but it didn't arrive in time so a 2 strap bandeau will do!

The most comfortable heels i've ever worn. Or maybe it's because all my other heels are dangerously high :(
I should start buying heels like these!!

Snapping photos for her flatlay advert.
Thank you Alicia for helping me snap my outfit photos and also buying me lunch while visiting me at the Flea Party! <3

So here's just a short summery video of my day yesterday!

Finally got to meet the sweetest Kelly and also all the other girls who came down!
Didn't expect so many of you girls to turn up, I thought my booth will be really empty so that's why I brought half my closet there just so I can have a higher chance of selling more of them hahah!

So sorry some of you couldn't get the free top even after purchasing more than $40 :( 
But i'll be sure to prepare a few giveaways the next time round!!
Hope all of you liked what you got and thank you so much for coming <3

Just a short outfit post before I start writing about Jasmine and Eileen's Birthday Picnic which will be up tomorrow.
It's gonna be a longass one again!
Till then :)

p/s: Yes I still read my asfm questions but the reason why I'm not answering them anymore is because there are a tiny percentage of you who are quite mean -.-
I'm not really affected by them because it's probably from the same few (they have similar typing styles and words). However, If I don't reply mean questions, it will seem like i'm trying to show that I don't have any haters. But the thing is, i'm so lazy and can't be bothered to think of replies to any of them!
 But i'll start replying all of you when I have time to, because most of you are asking questions that you really want to know, and my answers might help you too.


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