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Invaded Space Invasion last Tuesday to pick out a few outfits with Claire and Jovelle!
I'm in love with that place because of the soothing but fun atmosphere they have there. Not to mention, they have such warm, friendly and really helpfull staffs too!

Do read till the end for details on their Mother's Day Giveaway!

The girls digging into the racks!

Hey Chrysan! Found your floral dress you wore that day haha!
Pretty dress is from LaLaLand!

Snapped a picture of the outfit layout they did for their instagram post.
Stylish right!? Gosh, why are the Space Invasion girls always so fashionable

Cap - $29 (P.I.N.K) 
Heart Breaker Tee - $31 (lalaland.sg
God of Gambler denim jeans $18.90 
Clutch - $33 (lalaland.sg
MAC eyeshadow & Foundation - $14.50 & $25.50 repectively (lalaland.sg)

Holographic Clutches from Lalaland.sg!


Geek x3

Awesome Sunnies from Statement Muse!
Unique, great quality and most importantly, really affordable!!

Yes, we look awesome in Statement Muse sunnies, with price tags on our nose. :P

Here's our Black Leather Themed OOTD that day!
Thank you so much, Claire and Jovelle for invading Space Invasion with me!!  

So after all these pics of us shopping, u might be wondering..
'What did you pick out from Space Invasion!?'

Cage Collared Top by Shop6x6
Leather Shorts by ShopSkinned

I'm really in love with this Sunnies by Statement Muse!
Believe it or not, this is my very FIRST round framed sunnies, because I always thought I would look super weird in them.
But when I saw this black floral with gold trimmings sunnies, I knew I had to pick this!
I guess I don't really look bad in round frames after all! Haha

Shoes: Model's own (heheheh have always wanted to say that)

Decided to pair my Pastel Sea Green Chiffon Drape Blazer from Ellysage, with something floral and lacey.
I've been loving chiffon outerwears lately because they always complete the whole outfit!
You can just wear a white tank top and shorts, drape a chiffon blazer, and you are ready for a business meeting!! (LOL JK)
But I mean seriously, blazers like this can formalize any casual looks, and the material is perfect for Singapore's humid weather!


Since Mother's Day is coming, Space Invasion is really sweet to hold a Mother's Day Giveaway just for you girls!
Stand a chance to win $50 Space Invasion Shopping Vouchers 
$50 TCC Dining Vouchers!

Steps to win:
1) Follow @SpaceInvasionSG
2) Hashtag a Photo of yourself with your mum/ god-mother/ fairy god-mother (LOL)/ motherly figure in your life, with #SIMDgiveaway
Winner of the giveaway will be announced on 9th May!

So excited for you guys!


And that's about it!
So why should you shop at Space Invasion? Because..
1) It's like Blogshopping at well known sites, but you can look, touch, try on the clothing before purchasing it!
2) You can get it immediately without waiting for your parcel to arrive
3) You can shop your whole look at just Space Invasion alone, because they carry Clothing, to sunnies, to accessories/bags and shoes!!
4) Such friendly and helpful staffs
I could go on and on with the list, because Space Invasion is my ideal place to shop, no kidding!!

By the way, have u catched MWCP Episode 7?
Me vs Alicia, doing the Flour Challenge! See me get smacked with raw egg and a cake :(
Major unglam and I don't think we can look anymore worse haha!
Btw, my top worn in this video is from Lalaland.sg too!
Necklace is from Statement Muse and omg I regretted not picking the white version of it!

They can all be purchased from 
Space Invasion
The Cathay #03-15/16

Outfit Photography courtesy of my Boyfriend!! <3
It's his first time trying, how did he fare!

I'm so happy to have a bf who is always supportive of me in everything I do, who is always there for me, who strives to help me out in the photos,videos and so so much more, without me even asking for help.
Couldn't have asked for more, Such bliss indeed :) 

Thank you so much offering to wake up early to help me snap pics for this post! <3


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