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So in love with my new Chanel nails done by a new Gelish Nail Sponsor, MynteFingers!
I've heard of MynteFingers through a friend because when I first met her, I noticed her super chio and blinged up nails! And then a different design everytime I get to meet her.
And I was like thinking 'Gosh, I shall do blinged up nails like hers next time too!!'
HAHA thanks ah Shenny, for transmitting your bling obsession to me.

I have always been doing floral nails for what.. 5 times already? But i'm trying to grow out of my floral craze and did a Monotone design instead!

Before I start, let me show something that might give you the erks..

Okay, my left hand was actually done by me and nooo it's not that I have no skills LOLL,
I was actually experimenting with my new nail polishes and apparently they chip off easily
 (That's why Gelish Nails are 1000x better!)

Don't laugh at me, but I did my right hand in the train before heading to film MWCP Ep2 just so my left and right hands balance out Hahah #FAIL
Sent this pic to Chrysan while im otw to meeting her
Told you that I did my nails in the train!

Headed to Mynt's home and i'm loving her Gelish Nailpolish Collection!!
She's such a down to earth and sweet lady, with great patience and has 4 years of experience!

Her nail designs. there's like everything there!! From florals, to monotones, to aztecs and...

Super duper cute, and no, the minion craze is not over yet!!!

Her UV Light thingie. After snapping a picture of this, Mynt said 
'Why everybody come here will take a picture of my UV Light ah? '
To be honest, I also don't know! Hahah

After about 1.5-2hours, It's finally done!!
Really loving all the blings on my nails that I missed a lot. 
Super worth my time traveling for 1 hour to Yishun, because i can finally have pretty Chanel Inspired Nails that will last for 1-2 months!

Closeup of my nails. I told her I want it to be super bling, and that's why she just spammed all the crystals. I'm in love!!

Was finding for this bunny headband for a really long time just for the post because I want it to be 'Monotone Bunny' themed
Finally got it this afternoon and i'm loving it!
Wearing Cut-out Collared Off Shoulder Shirt by Mae's 6x6 Collection, from Space Invasion!
Details of this outfit up on Sunday.

Awesome Nails when you get them done at MynteFingers!

Not only that, manicure prices starts from ONLY $10!!!
Such a great deal or what!?
 And what's even better is that you will get $5 off your total bill when you quote 'LindsayVoitton' !

Chio nails at such a STEAL, it's like a dream come through right?
Gogogo book your appointment at MynteFingers now!

  Check out their Facebook page too for updates!


Been wanting to do a #Selfie Instavid for a really long time now and i've finally learnt how to do it! 
Took 3 freaking hours to find out how to use the video editor so Feel free to keep replaying :P


Ting. said…
I love your bunny lace headband, may I know where you did get it? (:
Anonymous said…
Wow power, paint nails in the mrt! First time hearing of this, but not smelly??
Wao, the store looks amazing!! And I love all these photos with your friends, so cute ;)


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