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Yes, I am the unlucky one that break out SO MUCH once I hit puberty! :(
Ever since then, I have so many skin problems until my mother started bringing me for facials. My skin is more in control right now but I still experience break outs every now and then, if I sleep really late for just 1 day.

No, I am not flawless like some people say I am T_T 
Just cuz my unhealthy skin always can't be captured by the camera well, doesn't mean it's smooth.
Just look at my skin closed up! 
Acne Problem caused by oiliness underneath the first layer of skin, but super dry at the top layer.
Even though I always have a balanced diet (Eating loads of fruits and vegetables everyday), I think the main reason why I still get break outs is because I am a really late sleeper. (Yes, I am nocturnal, like some of my friends call me :x)
I also get stressed out easily when I have datelines to meet, or even just keeping up with my outfit posts.

But I still wonder..

Just sleep early and drink loads of water, DUHH! (What most people with perfect skin would say)
Haha, well I wish those 2 things will just be enough for me to get radiant healthy skin.
But my skin is REEALLLY stubborn T_T
I need more than those 2 simple thing to achieve that.

NANO Hyaluron & Collagen Powder, 100% Made in Japan!!
I was freaking excited when I received this cuz whenever I think of Japanese Girls, I think of smooth skin.
So it's like OMG! One more step closer to achieving healthier skin!

And not only does it help your skin to rejuvenate itself, it also gives your hair and scalp strengthening protection.
So this means your hair will grow faster and healthier too!! 

Just as a baby needs to drink nutritious milk, and an elderly needs to drink formulated milk for their heart and bones, this NANO Collagen drink is the ultimate beauty drink for everyone who wants to look as young as now, 20 years later!

My grandmother always tell me to drink more Fish Maw soup that she makes for every family reunion dinner because the collagen it has will give me smoother skin.
It was very yummy for my first bowl but when I start with my second one, I felt like puking cuz it tastes very fishy. Plus I only get to drink it like at most 3 times a year? So I don't think it will be as effective haha!

However, even though this NANO Collagen drink is made from the highest quality of active ingredients and also the HIGHEST amount (5,500mg) of collagen peptide in every (7gm) scoop a day everyday, there is not a single tinch of fishy smell which I really love!
(It's sweet too by the way!)

Enough of the scientific talk :P Now I'm gonna show you how I like my drink to be, and how I make them!
You can always mix the Collagen powder into any of your fav drink or soups! 
(But not with fizzy drinks, alcoholic beverages and/or medicated products.)

I always drink a glass of my favorite Organic Lemon Green Tea from Marks&Spencer, every morning before I start my day.
So i'll just make that into my daily collagen drink!

Waited for my boiled water to cool down a little before I start dipping my teabag in my cup of water!

Stir to mix the green tea. I would also add a slice of lemon for a little but of taste,  but I ran out of it today ><

Instead of using sugar crystals to sweeten my tea, I would use our natural and healthy source of sweetener- honey!!

Now for the best part, adding the NANO Collagen into my morning drink!
One can of the NANO Collagen powder can last you for 35 days! Drink it everyday and you will notice the amazing results it will have on your skin.

It's tightly canned up so it's fresh when you open it!

 photo anigif_zpsb6e8a759.gif

Haha is it just me, cuz I just can't stop watching this GIF.?? :P

There's a plastic spoon in the can too, for you to scoop exactly 7gm of powder into your drink.
In just a small scoop, it contains SOO many beneficial ingredients for several areas that you want your body to take in and improve on.
 Hyaluron and Vitamin C for whitening effects, CoQ10 and Royal Jelly extract for cells repair and anti-oxidant properties.
Elastin for firming of skin, Biotin for hair/scalp strengthening and last but not least, Lactic Acid Bacteria for digestion + constipation prevention cuz feeling bloated is such a pain in the ass! (Pun intended LOL)

How many scoops a day?
YES! Just 1 scoop! But alternatively, you can also choose to take double scoops every Monday to boost collagen supplementation for a surer improvement!
Oh, did I tell you that you can take it any time of the day? Like before/during/ after breakfast, lunch OR tea break!
Cuz it is at night where our body and skin cells repair and regenerate itself best.

Mix the collagen goodness in your drink!!

Annndd DONE!
Looks so so good! It's in a lovely shade of pastel seafoam green!
I also love mixing my Collagen powder into my hot chocolate. You can try it too if you are not really a green tea drinker!

Rewarded myself by drinking the drink I made while I finished snapping pictures for this post :P
Just my first week of drinking it and I already feel so good!

Love yourself.
Pamper your body like I did with NANO Hyaluron & Collagen Powder, all the way from Japan!
I feel much happier now that I know my skin, hair and body will be healthier from now on.

You can purchase NANO Hyaluron & Collagen Powder, at: or 

For more information about the product and buying them,


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