Tuckshop Cafe & Bar

What I wore on Monday for a day out with my Girlfriends!
Can you believe that I got this whole outfit (Top & Bottom) for less than $15 in total!?
Traded another top of mine (which costed $6), with someone on Carousell for this Chiffon off shoulder top, and my Navy Blue Daisy Skirt was hunted down at Bugis St. for $5 at a shop with a 2 for $10 sale rack.
Talk about cheapo, haha!

We planned to shop at CP that day but we were like F***it, too hungry lets go grab some food first!
We got lost and all but managed to find our way to Tuckshop!
Since we were there at 4.30 but they open at 5pm, we went into some random Thai Food shop nearby for a small meal.

Their service is bad but there's no service charge anyways so it's fine haha
Ordered their Sambal Chicken Pineapple Fried rice to share and it tastes really good!! But what's disappointing is Jasmine's Mango Sticky Rice, almost the same price as mine but WHY SO SMALL!!?

It's okay! Cuz we had our second round of eating at....

It's a Cafe/Bar so their food is a little more expensive than usual.
Love how this place caters to different people's liking. 
They have an outdoor smoking area, indoor tables, indoor bar tables, outdoor bar tables and air-conditioned area!

School Tuckshop kinda feel, the tables they used at the air-conditioned area are school desks. Love how they go all the way with the theme! 

But first, Let me take a selfie ;)

Eileen ordered the Hey You, Hey Mee. 
We realized that whenever we visit a cafe/restaurant together, she always eat pasta with prawns LOL!
Jasmine say cuz she purposely doesn't want us to steal her food 
(Both of us are allergic to prawns haha)

I ordered the Drunken Fish & Chips for my second round of lunch!
Didn't expected it to be this good because I didn't really read the description and thought it's just a plate of overpriced fish & chips.

But I was sooo wrong! Dipped my fries in a whole lot of mayo and ate it.
In 5 seconds, OMMG I felt like fumes are coming out of my nose and ears T_T (LOL imagine that)
Okay la, not literally, but GOSH it's so hot! Cuz guess what? It's 'Spicy Wasabi Mayo'

Urm okay, so that's just the first surprise.
Took a bite of the fish and I SEE SALMON! I freaking love salmon cuz of the taste, the natural oils and all the good stuffs!
And it's my first time having battered fried salmon. Will definitely order that again!

Camwhoring sessions are always a must for a girl's day out!

Lindsay in action lolol

Great day and great company! Can't wait for my rest of the week!

Bought a shitload of stuffs these few weeks so i'm gonna have 2 spring haul videos coming up 
(once they are done tho, it might take quite awhile)
It's gonna be an exciting month, but wish me luck! :D


Joyce Huang said…
I cannot wait for your haul video, because everything you get are so fashionable yet affordable!!
Anonymous said…
Cute skirt (:

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