Lindsay's weekly life update

It's the end of the week!!
So this means another (almost) weekly update of what I have been doing from Monday to Sunday.
Mostly food, but in the same week, I have visit one of the best and one of the worse places to dine in!
LOL just read on to see why


No Monday Blues last Monday because we headed to Menya Musashi for our first meal of the week!
Loving the super Japstyle interior in the restaurant!

What I love about this restaurant is that they have 3 kinds of broths for their Ramen
Original White Tora, Red Tora (Chilli) and Black Tora (Garlic)!
Went straight in choosing the Gyoza for the sides cuz I heard that's the only sides that tastes the best.
The rest are just very meh, like they should just call their soft shell crab 'Stone Hard Crab' lor, cuz it's so so hard that you can throw on the wall and it won't even break -.-

Omg their Ramen tastes so awesome! Since i'm the type who can't take spicy and have never tried the black soup before, I went ahead and order Black Tora Duck Ramen (3rd pic)
Not much of a fan of the broth tho :( It gets thick really fast so that I had to tell them to add more water in it halfway.
If you not the adventures type and would like to stay safe in what you order, the White Broth is hands down still the best tasting!
Tried the Red Tora tho and it's so so fragrant! It's not dead spicy too so I might go for that the next time. :P

Table for 4!


Idk what I did on Tuesday so here's a picture of my Salted Caramel Cake, coffee and toast before I ran some errands :P


Had our very first filming for My Lunch Wagon with the crew! 
First location we filmed at was at Working Title! Such a lovely cafe with a great atmosphere.
There are 2 areas in the cafe, an indoor kind and outdoor kind.
Filmed at the 'outdoor' part of the cafe because there is sunlight coming in.
So this means your instagram food and camwhoring pics will turn out really pretty cuz of the natural sunlight :P 
Love it cuz it's still air conditioned!! 

Alicia's Mocca that the boss of the cafe made while I watched.
Yes, I learnt how to make coffee!! And you will learn how to make it too once the video is out!
Made a simple Latte for Chrysan and the coffee art was suppose to be a heart shape but it turns out to look like butt cheeks instead so no pics for that -.-

My Chai Latte! 

Changed outfits and we headed to Restore Cafe to film for the second episode.
Notice the hugeass ribbon on Alicia's head? (LOL ofcuz you did)
It's because in that ep, she's a crazy girl. Wait till you watch it! Haha

Headed back to the Mousetrap office and chillaxed cuz we were so so sticky and tired.
Love being in the office cuz it's always so fun there especially with these 2 girls.
Since we haven't had our dinner, boss drove us to Timbre!

Love the ambience of this place, great life music, awesome food and awesome company!

LOL always so happy, especially when ordering for food hahah!

So funny cuz people are like looking weirdly at us carrying our 3 heavy cameras trying to take selfies HAHA
People go there enjoy the calmness, food and music while we are like competing who takes the best selfies LOL

They have an indoor bar as well!

Decided to share the food we ordered cuz we wanted to try all of them and we know it's not possible for us to finish a whole pizza ourselves.
I chose this for us and this is like by far the best spaghetti i've ever tasted, SWEAR!
If you ever visit that place, this is the Creamy Chicken Pasta 
(I only eat creamy pastas and this is the only creamy pasta in the menu that's why I chose it)

Chicken Wings with chilli at the side

If I have not forgotten, this should be BBQ duck pizza! The topping adds an extra crunchiness to this.
Love it!


Food again! HAHAH
Lunch at Hot Tomato with Gina at Bedok Mall.
We decided to have No Ramen (Cuz I already had it on Monday) and no DimSum (She already had it few days ago)
So we settled for Western and this place is like the worst choice ever.

Chose Chicken Chop but changed my mind since I'm a big fan of Fish Dory.
There wasn't pictures for the 'Fish Dory and Fries' in the menu and I thought fish dory was suppose to look like this as always:

OKAY apparently not T_T
Ordered a student meal! But I didn't know students are suppose to eat this little!? :(
It turns out to be 2 small pathetic fishes and some fries scattered here and there.
I know Fish Dory can be fried or grilled, but If it's fish and chips just say la, what 'Fish Dory and Fries' -.-

Swear! This pic was taken when we haven't touched a single bit of our food.
Sent my bf a pic of it when the food arrived while I raged, and he said
'And this is why I always order Chicken Chop' 
Hahah, true!
Gosh, so so angry cuz I can't stand places who serve food that are pathetically prepared and served at a price you are paying :(

But let's just give them credit to still allow me order the student meal cuz 'I did not bring my student ezlink card' :x

Impromptu meet up with JiaHui for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market! 
Hahah glad that we met up cuz I get to hear some funny stuffs from her lolol

Clam Chowder, Blue Lagoon & my Gummy Bear Drink!

Her one looks freakin awesome but like no use cuz she also can't finish it LOL

Ordered my usuals!
Was craving for my Fish Dory after the 9bucks mini Fish & Chips incident 1 day earlier hahah!

She brought me to check out some poodles at a pet shop and all of them looks so cute!!
Even tho they look almost the same, all of them have different personalities haha

The left one kept bullying the right one and the right one kept playing with his poop

And this one is freaking adorable, super gong gong one cuz I don't think he can even see through his fringe LOL


Bought banner supplies and rushed down to support darling Chrysan at Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation, along with Brenda and boss!
Omg me and Brenda were like at starbucks rushing to cut and paste the words on the banner hahah!

Chrysan and oh look! Luna is there too, She's my secondary school friend, haven't seen her in a really long time!

Proudest girls carrying the biggest banners there hahah!

So proud of my girl :')

Jasmine came down to see Brenda and me awww! Since she and her bf is around that area!
Wanted to catch Eileen too but no fate lah :( 

Eileen was so sweet to come down to cineleisure after her work (after Jasmine left -.-) to check out the results of CNOS3 and for a quick dinner!

Pasta Mania cuz that is the only place we can think of HAHAH
Had our usuals- Aglio Olio (as always) for eileen :P and my creamy chicken!

Macarons in the evening!


Boyfriend brought me out for dinner at Ramen Play cuz I was telling him how much I love the Curry Ramen there haha! But too bad their curry was sold out already :(

Bb's Cha Shu Ramen and my Toroniku Ramen!
He also surprised me with some Dark Chocolate Truffles from Awfully Chocolate :D
Feel so loved <3

My must-haves whenever i'm having Ramen.... Gyoza!

So this is it! Busy week and that's why I have nothing to post on Instagram lolol.
If my week is amazing, I'll have stuffs like these to blog about. But if it's not, then i'll have many pics to post on Instagram -.-'
But do look forward for many fashion tips and photos and a haul video coming up soon!!

Enjoy life, stay happy and stay beautiful inside and out :*


Sabrina said…
I'm going to go and check out timbre tomorrow! The food looks really good! :-)
Anonymous said…
So many good food everyday :(

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