Lindsay's Week ( 21-27th April )

 Hey guys :)
My weekly update routine is here again, to keep you guys updated about what I've been doing all week, day by day!

Err... I forgot what I did on that day but I guess it's nothing exciting since there's not a single photo taken HAHA
(omg not even a selfie!)


Claire super on one HAHA, she was so sweet to accompany me to Space Invasion to snap pics for the advert!
Eileen and Jasmine couldn't make it as it was so last min but it's okay, there's always next time, right girls?? :*

Jovelle came to join us before we headed to Space Invasion!
She's such a fashionista, can go work as personal stylist already.
She helped me picked out an outfit for my filming the next day and I didn't know I look not bad in knee length skirts, I always thought I would look like ahma in them hahaha!

Clothing theme is full black & leather! 
But apparently I broke part of the dress code cuz i've always tried to stay away from full black clothing.
We were dying in the leather clothing like seriously, bad choice on a scorching hot day :(

Dinner at Kith Cafe and Rachel joined us while 3 of us were walking there!
First time meeting her and she's really really sweet, soft spoken and so down to earth!

Ordered the Bacon Cabonara Spaghetti!
Very meh tasting for the price i'm paying because the pasta is not even cooked properly T__T
(Omg $23 for 1 plate with GST & Service Charge ^%$#*@%*@) 
The waiters are not really attentive too tho but I don't blame them, it was full house when we were there.

Jovelle's Seafood Pasta! This looks really good!

Our unglams at Topshop! I put small small pic okay so don't scold me haha!
2 pics of us Just a split second away.
We were spamming the camera button while being told 'Sorry no phototaking alowed in here' LOL

Super fun day with them, went to A&F >> Topshop >> Editor's Market >> H&M >> Forever21
Seriously, all 3 of them are major shopaholics, hopping from 1 mall to another HAHA, I love!!


Filming for our Ep3 of MyLunchWagon with Alicia that day at Stateland Cafe!
It's her turn to make RED VELVET WAFFLES ommg I only learnt how to make coffee in the first ep.
Chrysan got school so she couldn't make it :(

Boss brought us and the crew KungFu Paradise for Lunch after all his and our hard work that day!

Lol what was I doing!?
Omg you had no idea how SHIOK I felt filming with my hair all tied up!
Because when we were filming for the first and second ep, I was wearing a shitload of hair extentions and it's pulling all my real hair down.
Suffered from headache the whole time and NO i'm not gonna wear them for filming again.
I'll just live with my shoulder length hair while waiting for it to grow back :)

I wanted to get the Baked Rice that Marcus (our new videographer) ordered, cuz it looks SOOO GOOD in the menu! But after seeing everybody ordering the dry noodles cuz it's super nice, I changed my mind in the end.
Noodles are delicious for the first 3 mouthfull but afterwards, you will get tired of it. 
Like normal Mee Goreng
Omg I just realized I'm such a picky eater HAHA

Their chicken wings desservs a solo pic
Not because my food photography skills are awesome, (okay la actually it is :P :P :P),
But it's because it's super delicious!

Headed to Space Invasion with the girls who will be filming for Mid Week Chill Pill Ep 7 & 8 later that day.
I had to go down again cuz I didn't finish picking out my other clothing (too stress the day before :x)

End product of Ep 7 with Alicia, with my ginormous red lips due to chewing of chilli padi.
I also don't know why I'm super lousy in challenges/games one! 
Yes, I got raw egg thrown at me and a yummy cake smacked right on my head, While she only had specs of flour all over her -.-
Stay tuned to Ep7 of Mid Week ChillPill this week!!


Headed to Yellow Cup Coffee for Episode 4 of MyLunchWagon!
SEE!! My hair bun up again, told you it's really shiok, you guys wont understand my pain of wearing extentions!!
(I can actually choose not to but 'beauty is pain.. beauty is pain.. beauty is pain..*chants*)

I forgot what that is called but it plays music!! :D
Sounding like a total bimbo right now

They sell really REALLY good coffee there at Yellow Cup Coffee.
You can even smell the strong fragrance of the coffee beans while they are brewing, even when you walk pass the outside of the cafe.

OOTD c/o

Bf brought me out to dinner after that!
Was starving like crazy so he brought me to have Ramen at Ajisen for dinner.

I don't understand how he can tolerate the Volcano Ramen. Omg just one sip of the soup can make me die already!
Ordered Cha Shu Ramen for myself this time :)

Yum! Gyoza


Accompanied Jasmine to a fleamarket at RafflesPlace because she's part of TBMsorority!
Bought some clothing to add on to my floral spring collection, for only $10 each!!

Jasmine I see you!!

Freaking pastels, ponies and unicorn madness at this table!

Bumped into the gorgeous Christabel there too after knowing both of us will be heading there that day!

Sweetest girl <3

Claire and Vinez were there earlier but came back from ion just for us!

Had to leave them early for a Class Gathering but it was a short but fun meetup with them!!

Met Gina at Tampines first to buy her new bag before heading back to Bedok for the gathering.
Waited for me for about 20 mins (as usual) SORRY!! 

Had a stayed up real late the night before and I was telling Jasmine how much I'm craving for healthy food after a late night like Frozen Yogurt, Fruits and all.
Didn't get any of those so I ordered Salmon with mash potato, dirzzled with hollandaise sauce. (First pic)
Craving Satisfied!

Our ex form teacher Mr Tan who always blend in with us (left most) and my ex classmates.
 Awesome dinner with them, but we were not done yet.
Headed to I-Scream just a walk away, for some ice cream for desserts!

12 people standing outside the cafe waiting for seats, lol what a crowd.

Ordered a scoop of Banana Icecream with Crunchy Walnuts!
This place is awesome because you can choose to infuse some alchahol in your icecream for selected flavors.
They close past midnight too so it's a really nice place to just chillax with all the other shops already closed haha.

Nick, YuQi & XinYi!

I have no idea what this is, but it tastes awesome!

Had a really fun day catching up with my Secondary School Classmates.
3 years together, 2 years apart but still as close :)
Can't wait for our next gathering again!


Woke up early to get myself ready to attend the Star Awards 2014.
Super lucky to get a backstage pass to meet most of the artistes in person!

It's really fun watching all of them getting their makeup and dresses ready!
Yeah yeah, I'm wearing the same outfit as the one I wore on Tuesday hahah! That's because the dress I ordered online specially for this day didn't arrive on time so I couldn't find anything as glam to wear :(

Complimetary Tickets thanks to 'Andy', who is helping out for the show!!
Crap I really thought I would get those super pathetic seats at the back, but really surprised that i'm sitting at the front portion of the audience! 

Bumped into some of the bloggers at the After Party

Seperate post of this up soon because of the shitload of pics I spammed in my camera.
To be continued!


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