Part 1: Post-Valentines Day Staycation

I know my smile looks creepy AF here, HAHA!
But by looking at this outfit, I think you can easily guess the theme of this longass (but picturey) post. Minnie Mouse themed! Wore a similar outfit as this for a day out at Universal Studios during our staycation, just that this is the feminine version :P

This top red polka bow top was up on my Storenvy- Lindsay's Closet for a really long time but omg why isn't it sold out yet!? :( 
For those who have emailed me asking (or spamming) me about my closed storenvy store, they will be up again once I get about 40-50 items ready for sale!!

Haha okay here's a little story about how I managed to snap a picture with this super cute red vintage beetle cuz no, it's not mine, and no, it's not planned out!
So I was having my personal shoot at my usual area for about 20 mins and suddenly there's this little red car drove passed me and i told my brother 'Omg so cute!! Matches my outfit, wish I can snap some pics with it lor! :('
Then just nice this cute car stopped a few meters away from me, parked outside the other house and the driver left! 
And i immediately said "Faster faster!! Later the driver come back!!" and 'borrowed' the car for 5 mins. Yeah 'borrow' is the word :x
I know i'm suppose to ask for permission and all but it's not like i'm gonna climb ontop of it and have a photoshoot for a full hour right? ><
Okay yeah maybe I should have asked :x But oh well!

Damn cute, need to camwhore with it! 


Loving my boots from Charlotte Russe! The shoelaces are originally hot pink but I changed it to a pair of red glitter shoelaces I got from Daiso! I also bought a purple/pink/orange one too so I can change it to whatever outfit im wearing. 

Bf brought me for another staycation at Sentosa cuz we haven't had a proper Valentines Day and our 5 years Anniversary celebration yet!
We knew everywhere will be very crowded on Valentines Day, so we decided to have ours one week later! 

If you haven't forgotten my previous vacation post on instagram where I post my candy colored outfits, I have stated that I pack my outfits for vacation according to a certain theme so It's easier for me to choose what to bring!
So this time, I chose a Minnie Mouse theme! Left to right:
Red Polka Bow top, Black Shorts from my Bf, and Minnie Mouse Headband c/o Ruby Scarlet
Black Basic Tank Top and Minnie Mouse Romper from an Instashop
Red Sunnies from Talisman (PlazaSing), Black Bow Bikini from my friend JiaHui, and Red Supermini Highwaist Shorts from Shauna's Booth at FleaTitan for $5! 

Fast Forward to Day2 cuz there was nothing much during Day 1 except us nua-ing HAHA
Here's me just woken up super early for breakfast!

We knew the food isn't gonna be nice here at our resort cuz we ate there before and it was terrible!
Like.. the kway teow is cold and not cooked properly. 
But we decided to give it another chance since we were up really early (8am)
Cuz we were thinking the reason why it was terrible last time is cuz we woke up really late and the food were cold by then.
But we were so wrong, IT's STILL TERRIBLE! :(
The fried rice is okay though.

Only thing that is still the best - our teh tarik :P 

Went to chill at Siliso Beach first before heading to Universal Studios!!
It was so peaceful cuz we were kind of the only people there.

BF trying to open his eyes cuz the sun was directly at us hahah!

Defination of bliss 

Looking at these beach pics makes me wanna go back there soon! :(

Us in Sentosa Express on the way to USS!!

And we're here!!

Our second time here together and we are the early birds!!
That's why this is picture perfect, without anybody in our picture!

First store which attracted me the most is the Betty Boop Giftshop cuz it's mint and pink! Two of my fav colors.

HAHAH bf gave me this- the Sweetheart Award :D

Headed to the transformers location and got ourselves the Star Dots to share.

It's originally Dippin' Dots but they renamed it to suit the theme.
Im obssessed with the Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake flavor but decided to try something new that day so I chose strawberry.
OMG DON'T ORDER strawberry flavor if you're there cuz it really has that VOMIT AFTERTASTE T_T

50 mins waiting time but we went in anyway cuz we experienced worse.
The last time when we were there and in the middle of the queue of maybe 200 people? The ride broke down or something, and I think the air-con too and all of us had to wait in there for about an hour before the line starts moving again. ><


 photo anigif_zpsb3d59589.gif

Headed to Jurassic Park and look what we saw!! Looks so real omg, but it looks cuter in real life tho.

While queuing!
I kept asking my bf if we can swap eyebrows cuz like seriously, his one don't even need to draw one!! 
Mine, like crayon -.- cuz my eyebrow hairs are very thin and fine :/

First time going for this ride. It's a roller coaster but your legs will be dangling.

Sneaked a pic when we were on the roller coaster.
This is nothing compared to the 'Human' & 'Cyclone' roller coasters BUT THEY ARE BOTH ON MAINTENANCE! :(
They are like the main reason why we came here -.-

If this was open, we would only be playing this the whole day -.-

Headed to Waterworld to watch their 12pm show.
Encouraged bf to watch it cuz I watched it before and it was really good!

 photo waterworld_zpsd9e8e29b.gif

We are on Sesame Street!!

Omg love cookie monster!! My fav character of all!

Wanted to take a pic here just cuz it's mint and vintagey :P

Bought lunch and headed back to our resort to eat and nap for awhile.
Showered , changed to my mini mouse romper, and headed back to USS for the fireworks! 
Yes, 3 outfits in a day haha!

Sneak peek of my next post!
Gonna be another longass one.

Part 2 of my Post-Valentines Day- Romantic Candlelit beach dinner date coming up in 2 days!
One of the best dates i've ever had!
Stay tuned <3


Amber said…
SO CUTE! Love the minnie mouse outfit, and it looks so fun, hope you enjoyed your day with your boyfrind! (:
Anonymous said…
I love your shoes, it goes so well with your red outfit <3

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