Lindsay's week through her iPhone Camera

Decided to spam some pics taken from my phone to show you guys what I have been doing this whole week
(Since this is also a lifestyle blog)

Lots of unglams, candids and pictures of my friends too!
Might be doing this every week (If my week is up to standard) LOL
Cuz who would wanna see 50 pics of me lying on bed watching movies all day, right? Hahah


Decided to catch up with Gina somewhere near so we headed to Bedok Mall to have lunch!
We were like craving for ramen so we headed to Ramen Play

Deciding on what to order cuz everything looks so good!

(Something i HAVE to order whenever Im eating at a Japanese restaurant :P)

Gina's Toruniku Ramen

Ordered Chicken Curry Ramen.
Was having second thoughts for this cuz I was afraid it will taste just like the Japanese curry rice selling at food courts.
But ommg it was so nice!! Even tho the soup is not the thick kind (Which i was afraid it would be),
it was super tasty!

Went to Cotton On to see Gina shop for clothes HAHA!
Cuz i'm more of an online shopper.


Met up with darling Amanda at Cineleisure, Space Invasion to choose our outfits for each of our own show we will be hosting.

Met up with her bf and cousin and headed to Nana's Green Tea for dinner

Omg check out the desserts. MUST order at least 1 of them!


Headed to PROtrim to touchup my roots. Will blog about it real soon!!

Treatment was good!

Went to Matcha House after doing my hair. Yay, second Jap GREEN TEA restaurants in a week.


Met up with this cutie Eileen for some shopping! Super happy with my buys, i'll be doing a haul vid soon!

After our shopping, we departed and I went to meet Chrysan, Alicia and our boss for our informal meeting at Cathay.
Guess where we chose to eat at?
Nihon Mura, another Jap restaurant, ofcourse!! 

So freaking awesome.

Stolen from Space Invasion's instagram.
Holding awesome tote bags from The GrapFeeks Room.
Chrysan's fav- the Chao Cheese Pie tote :P

What's dinner without dessert after, right?
Headed to Bricks 'N' Cubes, a lego themed icecream cafe!

Typical Chrysan, LOL

Omg you should go try the Durial flavored one, our boss ordered that and we can already smell the fragrance before it even reached our table!


Woke up really early to do snap some pics for my collagen advert.
What do you think of my makeshift 'kitchen'? :P Gosh i'm such a genius LOL

Dinner with bf, angwj and shaune at the usuals.


Since i'll be filming the Mid Week Chill Pill for Mousetraptv on Saturday,
I decided to do facial to unclog all my pores from the foundation I have been using almost everyday.

Softening my pores before they clean it up.

Okay these pics are from my camera instead, since I brought it that day!

Met up with the girls who are filming at 10am for breakfast at Coffee Bean
LOL we look like typical asians snapping pictures of our food with our hugeass camera.
Just that Chrysan's worse cuz her's is much larger HAHAH

Chrysan's looks the best

Makeup ready!

Their No Mirror Makeup Challenge. Super funny hahah!
This is her after pic (That's why mirror is super important hahah) :P



Sandra xx said…
You making me so hungry with all the food pix!!
Anonymous said…
I want your life, like so exciting :(
Anonymous said…
hello! may i know where you bought your dress in your OOTD? it's really pretty! :)

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