Forest Bohemian + Vanity Trove

Decided to mix Bohemian and 'Jungle Prints' together for the Vanity Trove Event.
I initially planned to pair it with a black bustier top but it was a little boring so the leopard bustier was a last minute thing.
So glad that it turned out much better!

Details of this outfit:
Chiffon Outerwear ℅ Lookbook Store
Leopard Bustier
Studded Leather Clutch ℅

Necklace & Rings from Forever21
Watch ℅ LateRabbit

I almost got banged by car here HAHA 
#bravegirl #blurgirl #givememorecreditforthispic

All time fav black heels cuz it's super comfy!

Was invited to attend the Vanity Trove event and decided to bring my boyfriend along too!
Omg I saw so so many familiar faces, felt like it was like my party instead :P
HAHA kidding!

Makeup of that day: A natural look (Now my everyday makeup)
Mascara, Lip tint, with eyeliner at only the outer sides of my eyes.

Arrived at Zouk!
It was relatively quiet at the outside but when we went in...

BAM! Crowded with so many pretty girls, awesome music and a pixie standing on the stage.

A quick and easy hair tutorial brought to you by Salon Vim.
They have like magic hands!

We were there late so the dessert table done up by CremeBerry were already completely wiped out :(
But the cakes on the other table are not bad too! Bf and me tried the mango flavored one and we loved it alot! 
But it won't be as good as the macarons T_T
When I saw Amanda's blog with all the macarons, brownies and cupcakes, I immediately regretted not reaching there earlier :(
Woahh those girls in the party must have loved them so so much that it was wipped out within half an hour hahah!

Darlings! Amanda & Shenny

Unicorns made up of balloons. How can I not take a picture with it!

Complimentary Drinks as well.
Omg like awesome desserts isn't enough!?

Beautiful Aurelia!
Hahaha I looked really shag here cuz my tummy was filled with so much dessert already :P

And Gorgeous Claire!
I remembered buying a Collared Floral long sleeve chiffon top from her 2 years ago :P So happy to finally meet here there!
Her friend, Kelly was looking really gorgeous as well. They were wearing the same pair of shorts.
Super cute!

My nails looked very fcked up and I was really looking forward to the Gelish nail booth.
But I didn't have much time already and there was like a long queue! :(

Me and bf was quite hungry after the event cuz we haven't had a proper dinner
So we headed to cineleisure, but too bad most of the stalls are closed already.
But we settled for Best Fries Forever!

Look at the awesomeness!

Thank you so much, Vanity Trove for hosting such a wonderful event where all the fashionistas in Singapore can gather together to get to know each other!
Had a great time speaking to many of the fellow fashionistas there, even tho I didn't get to have pictures with some of them T_T 
It's okay! There will be more to come! 

Do visit, a perfect platform for the Fashionable People!


Jaylee said…
Favorite outfit from you so far =) Such a unique look.
Anonymous said…
Thks for mentioning where you got your whole outfit from. I always visit your blog to see new stores to visit! Subscribed, name: Samantha

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