Valentines Day Makeup + Giveaway!

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Hey girls!!  Been quite awhile since i've done my last makeup tutorial. I was suppose to post this up the day after I announced my giveaway (Last Sunday), but I got really sick I didn't have the mood to do the editings. :(
Since Valentines Day is coming up, I decided to collaborate with a fellow Fashion Blogger from LA- Jules from, to do a Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial + Giveaway!!

Stay tuned to the end of the tutorial for giveaway details to win:
Naked 3 Palette + A Set of Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes!

So here are some of the stuffs used for my Valentines Day Tutorial:
Naked 1 Urban Decay Palette, True Touch Lipstick Palette and Brushes.

The usuals are already stated on my previous Everyday 10 min Makeup Tutorial so go have a look [Here]  if you haven't!

Thank you so much Eileen for lending me her Urban Decay palette! <3
Believe it or not, this is my first time wearing eyeshadow out. I usually just make do with my trusty eyeliner cuz i'm lazy like that HAHA
But since it's for Valentines day, why not putting a little more effort on the makeup right? :P

Haha this floral-queen Eileen also bought this Floral Makeup Pouch as a gift for me when she was on holiday in Thailand.
Love it cuz it's sturdy and there's a mirror! :D

Skipped all the foundation and powder part in this tutorial but it's the same routine as my previous one!
Go check out my previous tutorial [Here] 

Bought this PRO.conceal High Definition concealer 1 month ago and i am loving it ever since!
I have a big problem with dark eye circles cuz I am a really late sleeper.

Found this when I was swatching some liquid eyeliner on my hand at SaSa and the sales lady saw my really bad dark eye circles and recommended me this (I had no makeup that day)
So I tried it out ontop of the liquid eyeliner swatches and it covered it completely OMG!
So I faster get more to stock up (super kiasu) HAHAH

For this eyebrow look, I decided to go a little different from my previous tutorial.
Since the first thing that came into my mind when I think of 'Valentines Day' is Classy and Flirty, I decided to go for a slightly arched eyebrow!

Make sure your eyebrows are neatly groomed first. (means no stray hairs above and bellow your eyebrows). It can be accomplished by tweezing or waxing. But for first timers, shaving them will also be good. 

Step 1: Draw a straight line at where you want your eyebrows to start
Step 2: Draw an arched outline shape to get a neat and refined eyebrow
Step 3: Lightly fill them in, using a sketching motion working from the inner, to the outer corner. Make sure you leave your eyebrow ends thin
Step 4: use an eyebrow brush to blend in those harsh lines

I've started using this Makeup Primer cuz it helps my makeup stay on longer!
I don't really like using makeup primers at first cuz the sound of it makes me think that it will make my face really oily. But not true!
Ever since i used this, my blemishes gets lesser and lesser cuz it has Oil Control.
Also after applying, it reduces my pores and gives my face a matte look (Yay to unsightly oily skin!)

Applying over my eyelids to help the eyeshadow stay on longer.
Also applied it on my forehead and cheeks already before applying foundation!

Here are the colors I used for my eye makeup!
Don't worry if you don't have a Naked Palette, you can use whatever you have at home :) 
You can either use similar shades of colors that I used, or just follow the steps and play around with any colors you have!

Step 1: Using Color- 'Half Baked' and apply it all over your eyelids.
Step 2: Using Color- 'Hustle' at the outer corner of your eyes. These 2 shimmer and dark colors will create depth to your eyes!
Step 3: Using Color- 'Dark Horse' and start by brushing it at the outer V of your eyes. Something like drawing a cat-eye, but with your eyeshadow brush!
Step 4: Bring the color up to your crease for an illusion of deep-set eyes! Then blend awayy~

Step 5: Using the lightest color-'Virgin' and brush it on your brow bone!

Step 6: Using my Bobbi Brown Gel Liner to line my eyes. I used a fluffier brush instead of the usual gel-liner brush so it wont be too harsh on the eyes.

Last step for the eye part! Faux Eyelashes! 
Don't think you need a tutorial on how to put them on right?

So here's how it looks like together. You will be able to see the gradient effect of the eyeshadow which gives your eyes more dimension.
Also fluttery eyelashes for your Valentines day!


Also contouring! 
Using a contouring powder, brush it From the top of your forehead, to the temples, to just bellow the cheek bones, and the sides of your jaw. This will give your face more definition and an illusion of a smaller face :D

A Valentines Day look is not complete with Red Lips!
Use any shade of red lipstick you have! If you are wearing a pastel outfit, try going for a subtle pink or nude lip instead. You don't want your lips to be the center of attention throughout your date.. right?
Or maybe you would. LOL

And it's done!!
Here's how it looks like when everything is put together.
No la I not saying you will look like me, but maybe 10x more prettier ;) *wink!*

So I hope you can learn something from this tutorial! If you did, let me know!
I know I sound abit professional and all, but trust me, I'm not! >.<
So try it cuz I think anybody can do this. Practice makes perfect!

Good luck, and have fun dolling up on Valentines Day be it spending it with your other half, or with ALL THE SINGLE LADIES~~


To enter the giveaway: 
1: Follow both of us @lifesjules @lindsayvoitton 
2: Tag 2 friends who might be interested in entering, on my giveaway picture- [here]

To get additional entries: 
3: Repost this giveaway picture and hashtag#JLVdayGiveaway 
4: Comment on this blog posts! Remember to mention your Instagram ID (An outfit collab post will be up next week) 

No giveaway accounts please. 
***This is an international giveaway*** 
Ends on 14th Feb 2014
Good luck!

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