Valentines Day Chap.2: Sunflowers + Wild Honey

YAYY it's Valentines Day!! 
This means a gift exchanging, a date out, and spending quality time with my bf!
I'm planned to put together 3 Vday Outfit Ideas together before today but my schedules are so packed this week that I don't even have any free time for myself :(
So 2 outfits will do, unless I do a post-valentines day outfit idea which I am planning to do :P

Also wore this dress to the Mousetrap Web shoot last Thursday!
Since my previous Vday outfit idea was black and red, I decided to stay away from red for this one.

Bought the sunflower headband for $10 at Talisman on Wednesday, right after I did my hair at J7image.
And you wouldn't be able to guess how much I bought this dress for.
Got this when I abandoned my booth for 5 mins at Flea Titan's flea at Dreamhouse the other day to shop at the other booths. I came across this dress, hoping it will be like $10 or $12 cuz it's so so pretty!
So being me, a typical kiasu shopaholic, I faster grabbed it before the ladies beside me saw the dress.
I held it up and asked the girl in charge of the booth:
'How much is this dress?' *pls be $10 pls be $10 pls be $10..* (in my head)
"Oh! It's 5 Dollars!'

I stunned for awhile and quickly told the girl to safe-keep it for me so I could look at more items she's selling :P
So stay tuned to my blog post of awesome buys at Flea Titan that will be up soon!

Candid shot of me adjusting my headband. Turned out pretty good!
One thing I don't really like about off-shoulder clothing is that it limits your poses. Once you lift your arms, it becomes like that. :(

Saw this hugeass orchid growing in someone's garden while walking back home after my personal shoot.
Knew I had to snap a picture with it. It's almost as big as my face! 

Met up with Deb and Yann the other day at Togather cafe cuz they have been wanting to visit it for a really long time. 

Nope, no food pics cuz I already blogged about it here, and also I also visit at least twice a week so I bet those who are following my private account are sick of my Togather Cafe food posts LOL

I think we took about 100 pictures together and we are like laughing the whole time during our meal LOL.
With them, everything we talk about is just so funny hahah!

Had a late lunch with my gf deb at Wild Honey the other day before our shopping date.
I swear she is by far the best shopping partner I've ever shopped with! 

Really loving the vintage & classy vibe this place has.
So sad we didn't had time to have a mini-photoshoot together outside the restaurant :(

Strawberry mini-cakes and stacks of books.

I'm the type that chooses food base on how they look like so it's really cool that they have an i-pad menu too so you can browse the pictures!

Introducing Deborah's fav dessert of all time-
Wild Honey's Lemon Tart! If she loves it, means you will love it even more cuz she's not really a dessert person.

Since Deb worked at Wild Honey before a few years ago, she's very familiar with which ones are super delicious. 
So she introduced me this awesome looking plate of red stew, called Tunisian.
It's toasted brioche that can be eaten by dipping it in the tomato stew with Chorizo sausages and eggs.
Super delicious but I got tired of it after awhile.

A picture of Deb pouring honey over  her warm and slightly browned Belgian waffles with frosted almond flakes, and grilled mangoes.
Art right?? My talent for food-photography only gets better and better :P HAHA kidding!!

Sounds super awesome so I tried it, and YES I LOVE IT!!
But after a few mouthful, Deb got slightly sick of it halfway cuz it was too sweet for her. And she kept saying she should have ordered mine instead LOL.
So what did we do? WE TRADED OUR HALF-EATEN FOOD hahahah!!

Such a lovely atmosphere with really good food. I know you would rather go to some fancy romantic expensive restaurant during Valentines Day, but save the money for dinner!  You guys should consider having lunch here at Wild Honey first cuz not only it's quite afforable, the food tastes great!

Wild Honey
Mandrine Gallery
333A Orchard Road

Just wrote 2 longass Valentines Day posts and the next one will be posted this evening!
It's 3.30am now and I'm dozing off while typing this.
Gosh I really need to start sleeping early! Can't wait for tonight where my bf is bringing me out for some good food! :P
And staycation at sentosa next week, so excited!!

See you on my next one


Unknown said…
oh ur so pretty!
if you want to you can visit my instagram: @whitexxrabbiit
Unknown said…
uh ur so pretty!
If u want go you can visit my instagram:@whitexxrabbiit
Beautiful! I love how this dress is so Valentines Day but without a stitch of red. Gorgeous. :)

Ashley_ said…
The turquoise shade on you is very pretty, perfect for Valentines day!

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