Valentines Day Chap.1: Spanish Rose

Finally! A new blog layout! Was so sick and tired of my previous one cuz it's really pink.
But i'm really happy with this one cuz I spent the whole of these 2 days designing and completing it.
What do you think?
If you want me to design and do up your blog layout, just drop me an email! :) 
Ofcuz, charges apply.

Since Valentines Day is coming up in just 10 days,
I decided to put together a few Valentines Day outfits for you girls, to give you some ideas on what to wear during your date :P

Freaking love this shot the most and this is the only one taken with my iphone cam! 

Roses and Lace combination for girls who are going for the sexy+classy look!
I really love this cardigan from Daintybullets cuz it makes any outfit look sexy without showing too much skin. 
Also, this cardigan is for decoration only, doesn't even keep me warm HAHA!
But looks cute can already, right? :P #girllogic

Love at first sight for this pretty skirt.

Since I have forgotten to blog about the cafe/restaurant me and Deb visited long time ago, I'm just gonna combine it with this post!

Visited Cocotte after our Thrift shopping, at Wanderlust Hotel!
It looks really pretty from the outside and when we passed by it, we told ourselves we WILL visit this place once we are done checking out the Thieves market. (If we had time)
And we did! Omg check out how pretty everything is decorated in there.
Not to forget, there is a hotel just up the staircase so imagine waking up and coming down here to have breakfast!

They have a bar in the middle of the restaurant too. Love it!

Wide range of deserts they have there. Shall try their cheese cake when i visit again!

Totally-posing-for-the-pic-Deborah looking through the menu  HAHA

Looks so good!! I think we took FOREVER arranging everything and snapping all the pictures.
Why? Here's a little secret (We ordered what looks the nicest instead of what we actually feel like eating so they will look good on camera) #typical us!

Mine! Ordered Paris Brest (Rings of choux pastry with hazlenut cream in the centre) & Peach Lychee Soda.
The Paris Brest actually tasted really good!! Didn't regret ordering this one bit!

Deb's Citron Tart. She didn't really like it cuz the lemon taste is really strong and she's not really a dessert person. 
But I love it!

Strawberry Mint Earl Grey Tea. Sounds so yummy!

Really love this place and will definitely visit it again (maybe for a date with my bf? :P)
Need to try the food there too cuz even the deserts are yummy already!

No.2 Dickson Road

Stay tune to my Valentines Day outfit Chapter 2!


ice pandora said…
You look lovely as always and
nice new blog layout! The floral
background is my favorite c:
Unknown said…
Love the new layout bb! I love this outfit. So romantic but sexy at the same time. Really like how you added the black lace cardi to add some sophisticated element into this look. <3 And I want all those deserts! you must take me there when I visit SG


Sharon said…
Love the look on you, it looks cute yet classy! and it really defines and brightens your beautiful eyes! .. I also like how you did your eyebrows. Do you mind me asking which product you used for them? I'm still pretty new to using make up. But yes, I agree, practice makes perfect! It just all takes a few shadows and brushes.. and some creativity! :D

And cute outfit! Gotta love the florals and lace pairing! :3

Oh and thanks for hosting this great giveaway!!

ig: sfungg

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