Ad: Tokyo Houndstooth

Finally!! A monotone outfit.
Wearing super cute Houndstooth top from! Everything is SG$18 except for the Premium items that starts from $22!
The reason why I chose this outfit is because I love wearing a lot of Houndstooth and Tartan designs lately cuz they always make you look very dressed-up!

Wore my currently one and only snapback that matches this monotone outfit cuz I was hoping to go for the Stylenanda feel. Haha pass anot??

Why so sad? Cuz I realized I only look good when i don't smile -.-
Hair done by J7image that I will talk about in a blogpost soon! Done my hair last Wednesday so this is my hair on the 4th day. It's gotten a little messier, but the curls are still staying strong!
Ya la I haven't wash hair yet cuz I don't wan't the curls to go away T_T
Don't laugh at me kay! It was done up so nicely so I thought I shouldn't waste it hahahah! :x

 Wore my fav Litas that I really love cuz it matches almost anything!! They are quite comfy too, but ofcos, they are not for extreme walking-days.

Quote 'LindsayVoitton' for $2 off your total bill at .
Valids until 31st March 2014.

Anyway, I went to Johor Baru for a mini-mini vacation mainly for food! Went to Sizzling Stonegrill for dinner when we first reached there and it was awesome!

Hahah why didn't I take a picture beside it!? Btw the eyes are SCARY AF. It's red and glowing.

Dinosaur eggs??

Menu! They have a wide range of meat, seafood, noodles and other awesome food to choose from, and that's why I took about 10 mins deciding on what to eat

Looking up!

OMG okay I forgot what I ordered, but this is mine!
I think it's beef, fish and lamb, laying on the stonegrill waiting to be cooked! Chose mash potato and fries for my sides.

Flipped them over! Look at all the juicy goodness.

Sirloin steak! (I think)

Doesn't look as awesome as the rest, but it tastes really good! Shared this among the rest cuz we felt just the meat itself won't make us full. But we were so so wrong.

Mussels, chilli and rice.
I will never ever eat any shells because I feel it's like eating a tongue T_T But I was forced to try one of it and I did. There's a video of me eating 1 but no, I am not gonna show you guys cuz I gagged a little in the vid. :( HAHA
At least now you know 1 thing about me! - I will never eat any sort of shells :P

What's a blog post without a selfie right?
Houndstooth outfit DONE! Next post- Tartan prints!


Felicia quek said…
Yes! Have stylenanda feel. more of these type of pics pls!
Anonymous said…
Your look gorgeous. Your photographer takes amazing photos too :D ig. spikebeautyy
Anonymous said…
You are such a fashion inspiration to me! Please please please pick me for your Instagram giveaway! Would mean the absolute world ❤ my Instagram is @leahh_horn

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