Mousetrap Bloggers & Reality TV

The time has come.. Mousetrap TV has LAUNCHED!!
What is Mousetrap TV? Well it is a website featuring all your new favorite web shows hosted by the Mousetrap bloggers and more!
Look out for a makeover show 'FFS New Face' hosted by 2 Mousetrap blogger models- Aurelia and Isabel, where they will vie against each other with their skills to make YOU the new face of ForFleaSake! The winner will get the opportunity to sign a contract with them and also win great prices!
SO make sure u roam town area OFTEN to increase your chances to be spotted hahaha!
How exciting!!

There will also be game show called 'Variety King' hosted by 3 Mousetrap bloggers and they will be bringing in a celebrity guest every week, and a CAFE-HOPPING SHOW!! 
Who doesn't love food right? Will talk more about it later!

For now, i present you the....
Mousetrap Bloggers
The girls are: 

Mousetrap Host/ Actress
 Kanny Theng!

First Mousetrap video is up!
It's a series- 3Days2Nights where the Mousetrap bloggers go on a holiday to a different country every episode and complete some challenges!
If you are a going to a certain country and it's your first time, this series is for you :)

Me and Chrysan will be doing what we are best at- EATING!
Yes, we will be hosting a Cafe Hopping show together called 'The Lunch Wagon' where we travel to awesome cafes.
But there is a problem, how do you get there? No worries cuz we will be travelling by public transport to show you how :)

Also, more series and shows will be coming up.
So bookmark on your browser now and stay tuned to all the videos coming up!

Or you can follow them on: 
For updates and more

Amanda, me and Grace!

Pic of our very first gathering . Love them already and there's more to come! Such fun and sweet girls <3
If you love seeing pretty girls, there will be more coming up!! :P *wink wink*


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