I Scream Checkered

#noedit #nofilter !!
Everytime I take a selfie, I can see my muscles coming out on my arms cuz DAMN my camera is heavy!!
But love how my selfies turn out everytime it's taken under the sunlight

As some of you know, I would only blog about my day if I have a proper OOTD picture taken :P
So here was what I was wearing that day- Tartan Pinafore romper ℅ BerryLove2shop 
Check out their page for really pretty items!

My Hellokitty glasses is a gift from one of my sweet reader/follower when I met her!
Thank you so much 

Never too old for pigtails! This is the 3rd day after my hair is dyed and styled by J7image
I really love what they have done to my hair- Blonde Highlights & Gorgeous curls!
Do check them out!


Woke up really late that day so I skipped breakfast and headed to Ikea for Lunch

When Ricey saw this pic, she told me it looks like a Travel Log.
I also think so!! Haha. One day, soon i'll do a proper travel log post with pictures like these too *winks!

Not-as-awesome-as-Toastbox's curry rice, and typical me ordering Meatballs+fries whenever I eat at Ikea.

Had some snacks at I-scream with Jasmine (a newly opened icecream cafe downstairs my house)!! 
Didn't see her for so long so we decided to do some catching up!
When i passed by it the other day, I was like 'OMMMGG another cafe downstairs my house!? I must be living in heaven! Must.Visit.It.Tomorrow!' 

Icecream Wheel Of Fortune! So cool cuz it turns slowly.

Love how they turn the florist flower-stand into a place to choose and buy your toppings.
How innovative!

So cute one, all of their toppings are packed and placed there for you to choose and decorate your own icecream waffles.

Screaming Crispy Waffle with Sun Rise icecream (White Chocolate with orange peel)
drizzled with Chocolate syrup

Mine! Ordered Shouting Stout Waffle with Chocolate icecream and Ice Chocolate.
Their name all so cute one. Actually their chocolate flavor sounded fancy too but i forgotten the name :x

Freaking brought a table mat to match my outfit for my instagram post.

Happy girl enjoying her icecream!


Can't wait for a second icecream date again with her soon! <3

Blk 89 Bedok North Ave.4 #01-109
Contact: 6445 5739


Unknown said…
Hello! I entered in your #JLVdaygiveaway. I'm really hoping you choose me!! My Instagram username is @VivaLaUrii_ and my friend had entered as well. Her username is @darianngee . Thank you so much.
Moondust07 said…
Instagram ID : moondust07

Great fashion blog ! Keep up the good work .
I ❤️ Naked palette 3 . Thanks !!
Moondust07 said…
Instagram ID : moondust07

I ❤️ Naked palette 3

Great fashion blog . Keep it up
Samantha said…
I seriously love all your outfit and cafe posts! Make me wanna visit all of them since I'm from Singapore too (:
Unknown said…
I love your blog! And your pictures are really great too! After looking at your blog I've decided on trying to start a blog on my own, probably with my friend who is also like fashion savvy! 😉 Oh and my Instagram is sarah101203 for the JLVdayGiveaway contest! 😍
Unknown said…
I really like your blog and your pictures are great! I love doing this kind of stuff and after looking at your blog I think I might start one too. Most likely with a friend of mine who is also fashion savvy. 😉 Oh and my Instagram account is sarah101203 for the JLVdayGiveaway contest. 😍
Ana said…
Instagram I'd @ ana-erika7

Will love to win this amazing products
Anonymous said…
Need one of those glasses to myself, it's very cute!

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