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I have been wearing a lot of mint/ turquoise colored clothing lately cuz It's one of my new fav colors to wear!
I feel that mint colored clothing gives everybody that perfect fresh look, and it's also a perfect color for spring!

Fortunately, carries a wide range of spring inspired clothing to prep you up for the perfect spring fashion this year. Every single one of their clothing are super cute!!
You girls should really check out their 'Playsuits' section, I can guarantee you that you will instantly go crazy when you see them. :P
Yes, I had a really hard time choosing 3 of their clothing cuz i have an obsession for playsuits and rompers. They are like wearing dresses, but you don't have to worry about them flying up when the wind blows!

Do check out for some spring cuteness!!

Wearing the California Playsuit by It has some really cute daisy details at the top!

As some of you may notice, I'm not really an accessory kind of girl cuz I don't really feel comfortable having stuffs dangling here and there.
But I decided to go out of my comfort zone and started to purchase a bunch of accessories at Forever21 a week ago so I would start wearing them :x

Closeup of my gold accessories!

Haven't worn this babies out for a REALLY long time!
It's my suede mesh peep-toe booties with rhinestones all over which usually pass of as studs when they are not closed up! 
Even though this is one of my shortest heel-ed shoes I have, I can't really walk in them. Gives me cuts and blisters :(

Headed to Mel's Place Bar & Bistro at near East Coast Beach for a hearty breakfast last-last Sunday.

Placing our order! Everything sounds so appetizing.

Happy me everytime the food arrives, HAHA

Smoked-salmon sandwiched in-between toasted bread, with Thick-Cut fries at the side

My type of breakfast! Toasted bread with chicken sausage, hash brown and a pair of perfect sunny eggs.
The portion is really big btw! 2 Big plates that almost take up the whole table :P

Here's my second outfit courtesy of RosyRuby - Spring Fever Playsuit with a V-cut front and a little surprise at the back!

 Photographed by Dice Photography

It has a corset backing!! So awesome!! <3
I really love the material of this playsuit, it's of such a good material and there is wiring at the front to keep it's shape.

Hair done by J7image! Curls was still going strong, and the colors are still perfect after my first wash!!

Thank you for prepping my closet up for spring fashion.
They carry a wide range of styles from florals, to pastels, to dark colors and laces!! 
Like their Facebook Page and follow their Instagram for frequent updates on new arrivals <3

Headed to Sentosa for our 2nd Mousetrap Gathering the start of this month!
I was like super early (just in time actually) cuz I had to have a mini photoshoot for this blogpost. And ommmg nobody reached yet except Amanda!! 
Next time I cannot be so on time already HAHA -.-

We stayed at Siloso Beach Resort and ommg check out the pool!!
Sucha pity that we didn't had time for a swim :(

Parisa brought macaroons for the early birds :P

Amanda and her early home baked Valentines day gift for all of us.
I forgot what flavor it was tho but it tasted really good! Bake more for us again okay!!?

Snacks that our beloved boss stocked up for the day and night.

Ofcuz, us girls have to camwhore! Here's just like 1% of them :P
Pics stolen from Chrysan's blog! <3

7 of the 9 Mousetrap girls. With them, anything we do is fun!!

Had to leave early awhile for a meeting so I missed dinner together with the J7image team :(
Such a pity cuz it looks so fun!!

Headed to Kim Gary restaurant at Vivo with Parisa and Chrysan first thing next morning.

Hiding half of our just-wakeup-face hahah!

The food there is really yummy!! I had chicken cheese baked rice.

Boss's 'MAGGIE' LOL!! It's noodles but i Kept saying that I can also make this maggie at home hahah.


Chrysan's one looks really awesome!

After our meal, we decided to play with Chrysan's hugeass camera and spammed it with our pictures.
I need her camera lens man!

I know I'm suppose to post my Valentine's Day staycation today but it will be up on Saturday instead cuz it's really long that i MIGHT split it into 2 posts. Subscribe to the blog for updates at the side bar there <<<<

Oh! And MousetrapTV 3D2N EP2 'Theme Park' will be launched later at 6pm sharp!! :D
I'll put the video down bellow this post once it has been launched. Stay tuned and stay trapped <3

Episode 1 PART 2! Of MousetrapTV's 3Days2Nights is now up!
In this video, it's the Theme Park challenge held in Times Square in KL, watch it now!


PrncszTffny said…
Such cute outfits! I love your style
This looks like so much fun! And, as usual, you look lovely. The color of that dress is bewitching. :)

Anonymous said…
Where did you get your necklace? It's very pretty!

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