Why Do Girls Hate Each Other

Hey people! Yup, you saw my blog title!
This blog post is gonna be very different from my other Fashion/Beauty posts cuz I wanna help to answer one of the most asked question in the internet- Why Do Girls Hate Each Other.
I wanted to do some research of it on the internet but hey, I realized that since I am a girl, I might be able to answer this question myself as I have experienced and dealt with jealousy and dramas within my cliques and friends ever since I was in Kindergarden One (LOL).

So all opinions are mine cuz I'm just writing this according to what I have learnt and experienced in the past.
But feel free to share your own opinions if you don't agree with certain parts of this post!

I have 5 parts to this and will be putting some pictures cuz I know some of you are like me who will just scroll through fast and 'read' this whole post when you see there's so much words in it. Also adding some 'Rage Comics' too cuz, what to do? I'm a 9gagger. Hahah!

If you are a girl, you are probably here cuz you wanna read and relate to this post. 
And if you are guy, you most probably wanna know why your girl friends kept bitching to you about other girls and why their stories are always super long and can talk non stop about how much they hate the other 'bitch'.

So read on and hope you girls can learn something or relate to this!

Be it social life, or getting ready, girls are so so complicated in so many ways, and everybody knows that! Well at least majority of them.
You don't see guys meeting up to spend the whole afternoon just to talk about how much they hate someone.. right? But yep, most girls do that and they can go on for HOURS. 
This well known 'hobby' that most girls do is called 'bitching'. No, don't deny it cuz ALL girls do this, just that different types of girls carry it out at different levels. Some girls just do it casually in just a few sentences and don't make a huge deal out of it, and some girls talk about it for hours. Some of them prefer to do it discreetly, and some of them likes to do it openly. 
But in any case, girls talk more than men. It's just our nature. Here's an example:

HAHA okay la maybe this is abit exaggerated but you get the idea.
But why do we Girls hate other girls?

1) We are compared to the others since we are young

Not only girls though, guys too! But most guys don't take it too hard and will forget about it within a few days. Here's my example which I won't forget even after 14 years have passed:

When I was about 4 years old, I stayed in the same condominium as a girl that is 'perfect' in my eyes at that point of time. I go to her home often cuz both of our maids are good friends. Her name starts with 'J' but I forgotten already so i'll just call her that. J was only 2 years older than me, 6 years old. But she already owns a red lipstick (wtf?) and wears them all the time. I also heard her bragging to her friends that her parents bought her more makeup a few months later. She doesn't swim and doesn't like to sweat cuz it will ruin her makeup. -.- But I love to go to the pool and swim every single day and then meet up with my best friend to play at the playground. One day after my swim, I came out of the pool and my maid was drying me up. J was just doing her homework at the other table and guess what my maid told me?
'Look at J! She's so sweet and dainty, doesn't act like the boys and only play with dolls. Why can't you be like her!?'

Yup! So here's the story of the first time i'm being compared to in my childhood life. After that moment, I secretly hated her for being 'prettier and girlier' than me. 
So that's the first reason to why Girls Hate Each Other. We are being compared to another person that is said to be better than you at something and we are taught from young to believing that we must be like/ or better than them.

2) We envy what other girls have that we don't

Which is also called 'Jealousy'. Disliking a beautiful women is the same as disliking someone that is born in a wealthy family. They don't have to do much or work as hard as others to be beautiful or wealthy. We envy them because we want to take their place, and EVERY single person will have someone that they are jealous of because there is always someone that is better at you for something, whether it's a stranger, or your best friend. And what is our natural reaction? We unknowingly compare ourselves with them and compete.

Hahaha this quote is perfect for what i'm gonna say right now.

When I was in primary school, there was always this girl that EVERYBODY loves, but I don't. I don't know, maybe it's because she has nice hair, nice stuffs and those guys who crushed on me before, turned their eyes to her once she joined my class. And she's just very pretty la! But I hated her because she got all the limelight. Well on the other hand, she hated me too, but I don't know the reason to that. We like to see each other fail at something. So we competed with each other in every single thing- who writes a prettier biography in people's autograph books, to singing, and to even how many guys are crushing on us!!

OMG we were so childish back then!! But I hope to give a good example from my experience to this second reason - We always envy what other girls have that we don't.

When a girl envies another girl, they become jealous
When they become jealous, they compare
When they compare, they compete
When they compete, they like to see the other fail.

Then the whole cycle starts again where the other girl envies your success lol.

3) We know how our own minds work

Which also means that we as girls, understand each other!

She can be your best friend, but you know that both of you hate each other without even saying anything! Why? Because we know how our 'own kinds' react to things and words when we don't like someone.
Most women also have that natural 'Sixth Sense' where they are good in sensing problems and feelings
'It's not really called the sixth sense but women lean on their intuition more than men lean on theirs'

Remember the time where you know your arch enemy, or competitor is tweeting something nasty about you without leaving your name? And you want to confront her but you can't cuz she will say she's not talking about you? So instead you tweet something nasty back to her to indirectly 'reply' her nasty comment?

Unlike men, girls like to 'fight' with each other indirectly which results to a long term hatred towards one another which is hard to resolve.

4) The Copy Cat

Who doesn't hate copy cats, right? Since young, we are always told to 'be ourselves, be different'. So what happens when someone does or have the same things as you? We hate, we get pissed off and then we gossip.
We don't like to do or share the same things as other girls because we hate to get compared to.

But this is also a really REALLY childish reason. Because women usually use this as an excuse to hate someone. For example,
There was this girl (which is my friend, lets name her 'M') that don't really like another girl in her clique (Lets name her 'T') sometimes. When I say sometimes, it's because they regularly hang out with each other. While we were young teens growing up, girls like to experiment with new things so M started to trim and shape her eyebrows. After maybe a month (?), T started to trim and shape her's too. Same thing as their tongue piercing where M did it first before T. Then M started to tell me that T kept copying her and she's super pissed off. 
There was another time where they did another piercing (which i think is naval piercing). However this time, T did first then M did her's too after about a month or two(?). T got pissed off but M told me 'why can't we pierce? I mean like everybody is doing it now right?? So why can't I?'
I call this childish because firstly, it's like saying that you 'own' what most people are doing right now. Because girls might use this excuse to find fault at the person who they think is better than them. 
Secondly, GIRLS do things they they don't like people to do to them. So 'Copying' is one of the reason why Girls Hate Each Other.

The person I will be using in this example might be reading this so if you are, don't get mad because we were all childish back then and might think back and laugh about it!

5) Girls think too much

Don't everybody agree that we girls always think too much?

Apart from all the previous 4 reasons why Girls Hate Each Other, some girls are just nice. Yup, nice and that's it! No hidden personality or hatred to other girls.
Yes, they might envy or hope to at the same or higher level as the other person, but they are able to brush it off and continue with their life without the intentions to make the other person's life miserable.
But sometimes, other girls feel that these nice girls are 'fake' and so this leads to just a 'One-party Hate'


So after writing about all these, you may ask:
How can Girls stop hating each other?

The answer is, Dream on!!
There will always be someone hating you and there will always be someone that you envy.
However, you can take away the stress of being in the 'Dramatic Girl World' by just letting go of competing with people.
Yes sure, there will always be someone comparing you, copying you, and people who are jealous will constantly try to put you down. But if you just let go and not care about all of these things, it takes away all the pressure that you had before.
And if people realized that you don't really care about their comments, they just stop comparing knowing that you don't give a shit to what they have to say.
And jealous girls who spend all their effort trying to put you down? Show them that they are wasting their precious time because you won't be put down easily.

So here are the few reasons to Why Girls Hate Each Other and a short tip to how I deal with the 'Girl World'.
Let me know if you girls can relate to any part(s) of this, and I hope I can show the guys (if any of you are reading) why Girls Hate Each Other.
I have many many more reasons and experiences to share but I think this post is getting too long.
If you wanna read more, I might do a Part 2 to this. Just let me know!

All pictures are sourced by me from the internet.
Picture credit goes those who owns or makes them


Unknown said…
HAHA I love this post! I can totally relate to some of them! "Look at this Bi*ch eating those fuc*ing crackers" quote is so true! I used to hate this girl and everything she did I just hate her more :P & totally agree that girls think way too much. I'm in a sorority right now, and sometimes we care about too many unnecessary details... I guess thats why I only have few close girl friends and bunch of "bros" lol. Love this post love. Put a smile on my face. I literally cracked up from some of the 9gags.. <3



Unknown said…
Yes Lindsay please make part 2!! I love reading your blog. Esp posts like this :P

Christina Tan said…
Haha I really love the pictures you put in this post. I can really relate with all the reasons because there is just one girl that I really hate and is always on my mind everyday. Thanks for the end tip, it really helps!! <3
Anonymous said…
Love reading your past experiences and the rage comics you put in this post for examples are really funny. Totally can relate to some of them, keep it up and do a part two please :D

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