Sunflower Studs + Food day!

Another sunflower outfit and there will be another one next week! I love anything with sunflower/ pineapple or daisy prints on it cuz its like a whole new level of floral prints.

Blogging this on my phone (again) while on way to Lola's cafe! Since it's about a half an hour train ride, I decided to make use of my time by doing something instead of staring into space or 9gag LOLOL.

Loving the filters I used for these pictures with my phone editing apps! 
Here are the details of my outfit
Wore my favorite sunflower dress from DaintyBullets that day. It's a romper dress and you know how much I love romper dresses!
They have just launched their high-in-demand CRYSTAL NECKLACES! Go check them out!

Studded clutch is from
Check out their Christmas Bags Collection cuz they are gorgeous!!

Also, thank you so much JiaHui for lending me this Topshop Knitted Studded Cardigan! I have been finding this everywhere for a really long time but I don't think they sell it anymore :(
Do check out her Fashion Blog too-

Got my Black Wide Brimmed Hat for a sale at River Island and I am loving it ever since!
It really completes and 'formalize' the whole outfit. 
Every girl needs to have one of this in their Hats Collection!

Forgot where I got these from but I found these really unique so I quickly bought them! It's like an inspired version of the Unif Hellbounds, just that there is an extra touch of Rainbow Sugar Skulls designs at the back.
This also gave me an extra 5.5 inch height :P

Went to Parkway Parade to have a simple lunch at Toby's with my family last week! I went there before and I really love their food. Their portion was larger last time I visited though :(

It was a weekday so there were very little there, if not it's really packed!

I forgot what this is called but it's basically grilled chicken with potato salad at the side!

I have no idea why burgers always taste better than the mains -,-
But this is Cheese and Beef burger with fries. The others ordered the same thing so that's all for the pictures!!

Always wanted to try out the food at Relish by Wild Rocket at Serangoon Gardens.
Never went there before so I thought the place we are going is gonna be very deserted cuz of the word 'Gardens' LOL! But guess what, it's a newly renovated mini mall surrounded by famous hawker centers and shop houses cafe's! The outsides are decorated with all the Christmas lightings, so romantic!

Picture with my boy <3

The place was fully packed with people but luckily we already made our reservations.

So many pastas/ burgers to choose from so we took like 10mins to decide on what we wanted :x
I wanted to get the Soft Shell Chilli Crab burger but in the end I changed my mind.
Bf settled for the all time favorite beef & bacon burger and I act clever and went to 'try something different' -.- You'll see..

Root bear float!

Bf's delicious bacon and medium rare beef burger

And here's my act-clever-try-something-'different' BBQ Char Siew Open Pork Burger!
Looks quite pathetic and It doesn't even look that appetizing either :( After they served mine, I saw them serving the Soft Shell Chili crab burger to another table and it looks awesome!! T_T

IT'S OKAY!! I will be going there again next week to try it :P

Also, here's like the clearest picture of the 3 that my bf took for me, and then he gave up HAHAH
Most of my friend's bfs all like that also. LOL guys.. 

Ending off with a random pic of me.
Till then!


Unknown said…
Love how you styled the sunflower romper! Been seeing it everywhere but so far you wore it best and your last pic is sooo cute!!
Jules said…
Just like you said, the hat really complete the outfit babe. I adore your dress and that pumps! It's such a cute but also edgy outfit. You and your boy are so cute together hehe <3 Glad that we connected through IG and now our blogs :)


Christina Lau said…
Hi there IG friend!! I can't believe I only found your blog just now. I absolutely love your photos and of course, your style! This dress is beautiful, and those shoes are simply amazing. I can't wait to see your future posts!

Christina (@christinalau_ on IG)

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