Garfield in Paris + Lola's Cafe

Such a lovely but HOT day out and I didn't expect it to be this hot since it's the rainy season.
I was hoping it will be cloudy cuz it looks like it when I was getting ready to go out. But nooooo it wasn't, it was scorching hot once I stepped out of the house.

Thanks sky, for being so hot all of the sudden when i'm layering all my clothing, and for raining when I'm only wearing a tank top and shorts -.-

Anyway, I got this Garfield top cuz it reminds me of my BF hahah!! Yes, he always looks like Garfield to me, so I knew I had to get this.
Since the I had on the Garfield top, I decided to bring out my cute kitty bag that I had bought a few months ago.

Decided to go for the Parisian look so I topped it off with my new beret that matches with my wine red leather skirt.
I told myself that if I ever go to paris in future, I will buy a different color beret for every day I am there cuz a 'Paris Outfit' is not complete without a Beret.
HAHA crazy me.

My fav black shoe in my shoe-closet! Yes, I love shoes like these cuz not only it's really comfortable (thanks to the front platform), it gives me the height that I wanted!
No, i'm not tall despite everybody thinking that I am. :(

Visited Lola's cafe with my BGF (Best Gina Forever). Made that name up during our sec school days haha.
We planned this date about a week in advance cuz we haven't met each other since our Class gathering last year!
Wanted to go somewhere that is a walkable distance from the MRT that we can just chill and catch up with everything despite us already talking almost everyday!

Picture taken after after we had our meal, it was so packed when we got there that we had to queue to even make reservations using the ipad! We were told that there are about 4 groups waiting in line before us and they will call us once there is a space. But we decided to just sit outdoors before the lunch menu ends.

Happy me when our food arrived!

LOLL I told her to pose with her hotdog and she did this.
We were laughing so much at this pic HAHAH

Finally after some waiting, our food arrived!
I ordered the Lola's Full Monty Breakfast for $15
I love the scrambled egg and sausage but i'm not really a fan of Really Sweet Honey Bacon.
I like mine salty and tasty!

This is good! Farmer's Bratwurst Roll for almost the half the price of mine?
It's tasty and filling, that she didn't mind me stealing her fries cuz she was really full after finishing the hotdog :P

I was snapping so many pictures before we started our meal until she jokingly said ' Wa I can never eat in peace whenever I'm with you' and 'I think if other people eat with you they will be pissed off before they even started their meal'

HAHAHA yes!! I think i think I can only eat with people that is like me.
That's why I love eating with cafe hoppers. So much fun and they won't be judging you cuz they are like that too hahahah!

Was told that she's trying her polaroid for the first time since she got it last year for her birthday.
So honored!

Meet up soon! For our Cafe hopping Chapter 2!


Unknown said…
Hehe you Garfield top is so cute, and you know I adore that beret on you! I snap food pictures all the time too <3 I think all my friends just automatically assume ill do it so they always wait for me :P . Your food looks so delicious as always and ur outfit is just simply adorable.


Christina Lau said…
I seriously love your style! You pair the most unique pieces together. Wish I had your wardrobe! The leather skirt is gorgeous & that Garfield sweater is too cute!! You seriously rock anything!


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