Day out at Everything With Fries

Yayyy.... It's a floral and lace outfit again.. (fake excitement). I think I have been wearing a floral and lace combination outfit for like the 1000th time already. But since I really like my new floral zipped up top, I decided to throw the others together for a casual day out with the girls!

This outfit really reminds me of my previous Blush OOTD, it's very much the same color combination. Just that if you are a fan of the vintage floral look, you would probably like this more!

Brought out my vintage Raymond Weil watch to go with my leather tinsel bag.

Matching floral phone case from the sweetest Ruby Scarlet ! Thank you for consistently dressing up my phone!
Check out her store for really affordable customized phone cases <3

And my top is just up on my closet sale,!

Hmmm.. too much contouring that day. 
And thanks to the sun, my back, arms and shoulders are sunburnt. :( Only realized it 2 days later when my bf saw me when I turned around, and he was like 'WA why u become so black!?' T___T 
Don't get me wrong, I really don't mind to be tanned cuz I think I wanna go for the healthy tanned look, like those Hawaiian girls have. But not a dark patch on my back and shoulders!!! T_T

Finished the look with a pair of  Nude Lita Dupes!
Oh and you can actually get them from my closet sale too,!
I had like 3 pairs and now I'm selling my last pair in size 37. Yep, it's brand new! You can also find some of the clothing i'm selling and most of them only have 1 piece each. I update my closet sale quite often. 
Happy shopping! :D

So it was the 1st of January that day, and I only had 4 hours of sleep. But I promised myself I would wake up at 12pm to meet the girls at 2.30. And I did it! 

Suggested having our meal at Everything With Fries cuz Town area is like our meeting point. It's kind of in the middle of where all of us live.  Eileen why you live in the mountains!!?!LOL (North most of SG)

Their New Menu sounds good! Took note of it and ordered one of them.

I spy Nutella! Anything with Nutella is heaven :P

Just a few of their desserts they have. I was craving for their Warm Apple Crumble cuz I love any desserts with the word 'Crumble' in it :P But I decided to just get it after I finish my mains, IF I have space for a dessert.

Time to order, was with Jasmine only cuz she had to leave early and the other 2 girls haven arrived yet.
Haha love her outfit that day! Also match with the menu :P

Pics with the cutie. Gosh I look so tired.

Then Grace pops by surprisingly while we're taking a pic! 

Whoop! Food finally came, Typical instagramer food shot!

Jasmine's Wild Mushroom Pasta. Eileen ordered the same thing after she came too but they said unless you really REALLY love mushrooms, then this pasta is Mehh.

Girl rule #1, camwhore with food before eating, especially when they look good too HAHAH

Yep!! I ordered one from their New Menu!! -Duck Leg Burger, with Sour cream & Onion Fries.

Let me tell you first, I really hate it when restaurants/ cafes serve burgers that are NON toasted. I ate at one cafe before and they did nothing to the burger bread, just plain soft and cold which just ruins the whole dish. For the price you are paying, they should at least toast up the burger breads, if not may as well just eat at Macdonalds right? 

But i'm really happy with the burgers at Everything With Fries cuz they toast them till it's crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Plus the toasted burger breads are buttered too! For me, it really makes a great different to the taste.

Lamb meat goodness inside the patty. Very fresh & delicious!! Craving for it right now while typing this :(

Didn't get my Apply Crumble in the end cuz the burger is very filling.
If you are heading to bugis anytime, go try their Lamb Leg Burger and let me know when u tried it!

Finally la! This 小公主 finally arrived.

Some group pics of all 4 of us before we leave.

Japanese, Korean, Korean, and a tired face hahahah

End off with an act cute pic of 3 of us.
Jasmine is cropped off cuz only half of her face was shown :( Sorry!!

Selfie for that day, also my first selfie of the year!


Jules said…
I love floral and lace as well. It makes the outfit so girly and romantic. Btw...Your food looks so delicious love.



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