2013 Christmas Sum Up

I know right!? KILL ME NOW T_T
Everybody is getting ready for Chinese New Year & Valentines day and i'm still celebrating Christmas .__.
Haha just kidding, i'm just super late in writing this blog post cuz I haven't taken a proper outfit picture until 2 days ago...
But this was what I was wearing during Christmas Day! Do I look like a santarina to you? :P

Wearing this really pretty knitted floral pullover courtesy of TeaRoseLove!
Check out the details, super pretty don't you think?
They have it in Cream, Lilac and Black too if you are not a fan of pastel colors.

Have I told you that i am a big fan of skorts? 
I think i did for the millionth time already :P

Christmas hat from my BGF (Best Gina Forever)!
Thank you! :D It really matches my outfit and completes the whole Christmas-Santarina inspired look <3

Headed down to town for some last min shopping during Christmas Eve and stopped by Bear Bites to have a late lunch.

Bear Bites
2 Orchard Link, Scape #02-42

OMG so cute right!? Bear-Paw burgers! Never came across before and I feel it's really unique!
There are different flavors for each color so that's also a plus point!

Ordered cheese fries, 1 Fish Fillet with Milk Burger, and 3 Crispy Chicken Karaage burgers with 3 different flavoured burger breads- Yam, Curry and Oat.
But the burger breads are quite tasteless though, not much different from a plain one.

Haha this is mine. Loving it cuz the chicken is very flavorful and crispy!
Omg looking at this pic makes me crave for more.

Since we ordered in a set, it comes with a mini bear paw icecream that you can collect after your meal.
Chose yam flavor with vanilla icecream

Christmas eve!

I wanted to do a Christmas Present unboxing post but I guess Im a little too late for that.
Ohh well, there's still this year!

What's Christmas without icecream for a sweet tooth right?

Cheesecake with chocolate syrup! Major yums

Oh! Not to forget one of the most memoriable day of the month- Instagram Family Meetup!
This was what I wore to the dinner with my fellow Instagram Family.

Love how the dress is a little asymmetrical at the bottom.
Added a gold metal bow belt to glam up the dress as it's a little plain wearing it alone.

Brought out very first See Through Clutch courtesy of TeaRoseLove too!
The quality is superb as the whole clutch is very sturdy. 
It also has a mini pouch inside the clear clutch so it looks neater. 
You don't want people to see what you put in your bag right? (Like.. ahem! pads/ tampons..) :x

TeaRoseLove also carry Hologram and Mirror clutches go check them out!!

Just nice I have a pair of silver sparkly heels that goes perfectly with the clear clutch!
Looks like it's bought in a pair right? :P

Photographed by Dice Photography

Met Yann first so her boyfriend could drive us to Somerset to meet the rest.
Decided to have our Early Christmas Dinner at Marche! I took alot of pics in my camera but then I lost them all.. Such a waste!! MY FOOD PICS T_T

Shots of Deborah, Yann and me!
Such poor quality cuz the pics are sent in the groupchat in whatsapp.

The others!! Deborah, Nigel, Raa, Cindy, Yann and Me
Missing in Action- Boong 

Had such a great time, with great people and good food!
So happy to get to know really sweet friends from Instagram that are sincerely nice and thoughtful.
We will meet up again real soon!

I'm still sad that I lost all the pictures in my camera.. :(

So here's a quick sum up of my Christmas 2013!
There are many more pictures though but im too lazy to edit all of them. Also, If I have to post them all, I have to separate all of them in 3 different posts >.<

Such a hectic week. Stay tuned to a Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial, Vday Giveaway and updates to a flea that I will be having! It's gonna be so exciting!
Hope I don't die of tiredness .___.


Unknown said…
I love your sweater! It is so cute :D And we have to bear bites in Taiwan Nightmarket too. They are delicious. This look is so cute babe. Love how you added the knee high socks <3



Unknown said…
Love your style! It's so unique and chic!
Happy weekend doll!


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