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I lost my admin rights to my blog cuz I wanted to shift the blog to my another email BUT I DID IT WRONG!
(Computer noob here)
Now none of my emails have admin rights so now I can't change anything on my blog layout and have access to the settings. So this means I can't publish out or view any of your comments that are sent for moderation T_T I also remade a new blog header and now I can't use it.
FML!! I'll try to get this fixed soon ASAP cuz this is so sad..

Anyway, i'm feeling so badass all of a sudden cuz I tried something different from my usual style.
Some of my friends told me that they can see my style is changing slowly, from girly to edgy. And that's kind of true cuz I find florals kind of boring right now Haha (no offense to floral lovers). But maybe it's cuz I have been wearing floral almost every single day last time!

Love floral, and always will but I won't be wearing them as often as I used to anymore :P It's always fun to try out different styles and experiment with different things cuz that's what fashion is all about!

All pro editing above are done by Dice Photography!
Super in love!! Makes the whole pic look 'grunchier'
Do check them out for their portfolio and feel free to contact them for any personal/ store shoots!

Daintybullets asked me to style her 'Bad Hair Day' beanie so i decided I had to go for the Grunch look. Here are the details of this outfit! Wore my Polkadot bralet underneath an oversized plaid top that I thrifted at a thriftstore nearby my home for only $7! Really really love this as the material is not the thin kind. It's heavy and little furry(?), kind of like suede but it's not o.o
Paired them with my Black Levi's Shorts that are freshly frayed and studded 1hour before I wore them LOL
Since the shorts are studded, I also wore my thigh highs studded with gold spikes.
Carried my usual mini bag-back from D&G that is now my everyday DSLR carrier hahaha! It's the only bag that can fit my camera and when you close the bag, it looks small! <3

Super duper in love with this pic! Nope, it's not cuz it's a closeup of my face (lol) , but if you replace my face with another person, I will still super love it! I think it's the outfit and the whole setting :P 

I was having a good hair day actually, but if you wear this beanie even when you are having a good hair day, people will think you actually look more fabulous then what you look like now.
JKKK!! I'm kidding please don't hate me HAHAH.
But really, make sense? 

Studs everywhere!! My black leather Lita Dupes are spiked too <3 

The highly raved about 'Bad Hair Day' beanie just hit there stores of DaintyBullets!
Only limited quantities available, do check them out gogogo!

Trying out the famous 'Pulling up your thigh highs' pose. 
Thanks to my brother for helping me snap all these pictures under the hot sun!! <3

Love my outfit? 
Daintybullets also carry Plaid/ Checkered/ Tartan apparels that are in trend this season! Here are some of the few they carry:

Click on the pictures to be directed to their page!

This outfit is so perfect for Christmas!!

Cute Heart Collared Blouse is also available!
Do check out DaintyBullets newly launched Collection 10 and do some Christmas shopping!

Selfie time!
Loving my makeup that day. It's the exact same look as the 10 min makeup tutorial I did on my previous post!!
(With an extra red lip)

Had so much fun styling and wearing this edgy look out. Got alot of weird stares BUT IT'S OKAY! Just look at them, and smile :)
Created this meme quote while writing my previous sentence haha

'Wear a simple ugly look out, and no one bats an eye.
Wear a daring stylish outfit, and everybody loses their minds'

Familiar?? Sentence structure from a meme from 9gag!!
(Yes imma 9gagger :P)

But don't be afraid wear something daring and get stares/ points/ weird looks when you are going out. As long as YOU know YOU are wearing something that makes you feel confident with yourself, that's what matters the most.
Cuz those stares and weird looks are from people who are not as daring as you are!

Hope I can inspire you girls in some way
Good luck! <3


You look so cool ! Very nice style !

Check my new blogpost a little question and answer session for 1 year The Fashion Panda !
Ask me anything ! :)

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