Mystery Bar Boat Quay

Met up with my gf Deborah at Boat Quay the other day! It was such a beautiful day with perfect weather. 
I have always loved having my meals by the waters cuz its always so peaceful!! Check out the scenery <3

I know Deborah goes there frequently so she knows which bars and restaurants have awesome food.
Haha do check her lifestyle blog for the places she go to for good food!!

Such a lovely place to chill at in the day or at night! Loving this type of atmosphere.

Mystery Bar and Restaurant.
They are a newly opened bar so means their interior is all new but their food is so so awesome! Later you see!!

Mystery Bar
54 Boat Quay
Nearest Mrt: Raffles City

Walked in, and here is the interior of the bar. Such a good place to just chill with your friends!

Took so long to choose the food cos everything looks and sounds so so delicious! They have a wide variety of food from lamb chops, to beef steaks, to pastas and salads and more. Even the desserts are to die for <3

FOOD COME ALREADY! Must camwhore first.
We were starving so much as we were saving our tummy for this meal hahah!

My turn! Doesn't the food look delicious? 
We asked for their recommendation and they told us that the 2 we got received the most compliments from their customers.

Here is Deborah's Lamb Chop! Omg this one is a must try! I took bite of it and it tasted so heavenly. Should have chosen this instead. It's okay!! Will definitely travel there again just to have this.

This is also a must try in their menu!
My Medium Rare Beef Steak with mash potato and mushrooms. I rarely order Beef cuz they are always so hard to chew but this, THIS is super tender, and delicious. 
This is my first time in 5 years i've eaten mushrooms. I have always hated mushrooms but I knew I had to at least try 1 bite of this. Ommmg how can they taste so nice!? Very fresh, soft and juicy! 
Wts they just changed my impression of mushrooms already hahaha! 

Deborah finished her's quite fast (cuz it's very yummy) and i'm still there savoring my Beef Steak slowly LOL.

Cocktail time! Something special for Deborah. Tried this and I thought it tasted unique! Something I have never tried before cuz it's White chocolate mixed with a few kinds of alcohol. 

Love mine too!!

After that they served us the desert. Gf was so full after the lamb chop already so we shared this warm brownie cake with melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Super love this!

And we are done! Really enjoyed our delicious meal, It's our the best lamb chop and beef steak we have ever tried and we will definitely visit again. Thank you Mystery Bar for the lovely dinner!

Anyway here are some of the food served by Mystery. All very mouth watering I swear!

 Vegetable Quesadilla
Served with chipotle tomato salsa and green salad 


Vegetable Spring Rolls

 Chicken Sandwiches
Lettuce, roasted capsicum and mushroom salsa, gruyere cheese on toasted ciabatta bread 
Wagyu Beef Burger
Lettuce, Gruyere cheese, gerkhin, tomatoes, bacon and sesame seed bun 
Sandwiches are served with spring green salad and fries with cheddar cheese sauce 

Seafood Spaghetti
With Parmesan and basil tomato sauce
Fish and Chips
Fish in a crisp batter, spring green salad, fries and tartar sauce 

They all look really good and i'm sure they taste really delicious too like the 2 main courses we tried.

Happy Hour
Buy 1 get 1 FREE Heineken pint + a basket of finger food at $18
Buy 1 get 1 FREE Selected cocktails + a basket of finger food at $20

And here are some awesome deals for students!

Main courses to choose from:
Beef Pasta, Salmon Fish, Snipper Tory Fish, Pasta with Lamb, Black Pepper Chicken 
and more!

1 Main Course + Soup and salad
1 Main Course + Soup, Salad and dessert
1 Free can drink for any deal purchased!

Free first glass of drink for the ladies EVERY WEDNESDAY!
Be sure to bring a few of your girlfriends there to hang out and maybe talk about girl stuffs 
-aka bitching-

Omg such good deals, and such delicious food, cannot miss this!
Mystery Bar
54 Boat Quay
Nearest Mrt: Raffles City

It's really happening at the bars and restaurants at Boat Quay in the evening but very peaceful at the riverside. Love this atmosphere!

Amazing view!!

Passed by these Christmas decorations when walking back to Raffles Mrt.
Was having a hard time taking a selfie with my bigass camera (bet I look retarded) but someone saw it and was so nice to offer help me snap a full length picture of me.
I look super weird in the picture tho so will not be posting it hehe.

Anyway, do check out my gf's blog at: 
Probably a better post than mine cuz shes really good in typing. I'm only pro at posting pictures hahah!

Also, do look out for my next post about where I did this super pretty Christmas nails!


M.S.M said…
Si nice!

DONT'T FORGET that not everything counts on these SPEACIAL DAYS. COATS need to MATCH with the rest of the outfit. We just have to decide which one is our best INVESTMENT:
xx, from Spain!

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