My Everyday Makeup Tutorial + GirlyLash Review

My very first makeup tutorial!! I take only 10 mins to do my makeup whenever i'm going out. But i didn't know doing a tutorial on this simple makeup takes a lot of hard work!! Took about 400 photos and i'm only using these few hahah!

There are 5 parts in this.
1) Drawing your eyebrows, 2) Eyeliner, 3) Nose contouring, 4) Eyelash, 5) Face Contouring
Really hope I can help those girls out there who wants to start applying makeup but don't know where to start.
But if you are already putting makeup regularly, feel free to try out any part of this tutorial!

Here's what's in my makeup bag! Stuffs that I use almost everyday:
1) Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Brown)
2) Jewel Eyeshadow (Daiso) :x
3) Contouring Eyeshadow/ Bronzer
4) True Touch Moisturizing Foundation (Light Beige)
5) True Touch Moisturizing Foundation (Soft Ivory)
6) Dolly Wink Eyebrow Gel (#3)
7) Cyber Colors Eyebrow Pen (05 Dark Brown)
8) Sasa Cosmetics White Highlighting Pen
9) Maybelline Rocket Mascara

And here's all my girly pink stuffs!! Thought they deserve a separate picture :P
Don't look down on my kiddy pink brushes, they are also branded okay! HelloKitty brand hahaha. They are super soft, and most importantly, super cute!
Also my very first Girly Lashes I got from the GirlyMake launch party! I chose No.2 as i feel they are the most dramatic, and very dolish!
Stay tuned to the end of the tutorial to see my eyes transform!

Puffy Puffy face! Cuz I forced myself to wake up early for this tutorial post despite sleeping for just 4hours just so there will be sunlight shining directly my room T_T

So I start off with a clean bare face, right after washing. This way, there won't be any excess oil trapped underneath all the foundation.

Oh! And not to forget my contact lenses! I use Luxury Lens 61 in Grey. They are 15mm in diameter, biggest lenses I've ever worn! Really love it as I can leave the house just wearing this without any makeup on. They instantly enlarge and dollify your eyes and give that 3d effect :P

Since my skin is very very sensitive, I have to be careful of what I put on my skin so I only use skincare products from Neways. My shampoo, conditioner, toothpastes and everything are also from them and have been using them ever since i was 2 years old! 
They are an American company that manufactures personal care products, nutritional supplements and more. It's really good as they don't test their products on animals and have no harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals in your everyday products are one of the top reasons people get cancer :( So be sure to take time to check up the ingredients before getting any new products. 
What i'm holding up is my Moisturizing Foundation from their makeup line- True Touch! It's very suitable for people with dry skin, like me!

Using the darker shade to cover up any blemishes, redness and under eye circle as i find it gives more coverage than the lighter one! 

Since it's an everyday look, you don't want to do heavy highlighting and contouring. So i'm using the lighter shade as a mild highlighter on my face! Just dab on 5 areas of your face as shown bellow, and blend! You will notice just slight difference on your face- forehead, nosebridge, cheekbones are slightly higher, chin is slightly sharper. Don't worry if it's not much a difference, will do some contouring later!

An eyebrow tutorial that some people have been requesting!! Not an expert in this but I hope I can help those girls out there who are new in drawing their eyebrows. But make sure they are neatly groomed. (means no stray hairs above and bellow your eyebrows) It can be accomplished by tweezing or waxing. But for first timers, shaving them will also be good. 

Step 1: Draw a line just slightly further from the end of your eyes. People say that it must be aligned with the start of your eyes. But not true! Closer eyebrows, sharper your nose will look. But please don't draw too over,  until almost have unibrow LOL!
Step 2: Outline the shape of your eyebrows. I like my eyebrows slightly thick, and not too arched. But it's up to you to draw whatever shape you like. It's also good to follow your natural eyebrow shape.
Step 3: Lightly fill them in! Use a sketching motion working from the inner, to the outer corner. Make sure to leave your eyebrow ends thin
Step 4: Use an eyebrow brush to blend in those harsh lines

This is not necessary to some people, but if you have lighter color hair, this is important!
Im using Dolly Wink Eyebrow Gel (#3) that I bought at JRunway! But I guess you can also find them in Watsons and Guardian. 

Check out the difference between the left and right eyebrow. The left one is obviously better as the hairs are the same color as the brow pencil color. As for the right eyebrow, 2 shades (Black and Brown) can be seen. Ugly!! This is totally worth my money :P

Eyeliner time! I'm using Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in brown. By far the best eyeliner i've used cuz the felt tip makes any drawing precise, and it doesn't smudge! I have oily eyelids :P (shh) so i get panda eyes at the end of the day whenever I use other brands. But this impresses me *thumbs up*

Here is how I draw My eyes. Many people have different ways of drawing, but I find that this works and looks the best on me! Because my eyes are round and quite close together, this look balances it out :)

Step 1: Draw a thin line right above the lash line
Step 2: Wing it out!
Step 3: Draw a curve from the winged end, down to the half of your lower lash line.
Step 4: Fill the gap in!

Now my eyes look more defined and longer too! (No more round eyed me!)

Next, nose contouring! I haven't found a contouring and highlighting eyeshadow yet so I decided to get a temporary one from Daiso 2 months ago. Tried it out and judging from the price, it's surprisingly good ! It's opaque and stays on pretty good! But please don't laugh at me :(

Start from just bellow your eyebrows and work your way straight down. When you reach the tip of your nose, just draw a V. Now you have an illusion of a taller, slimmer, and pointier nose!

How it looks like without guide lines.

Finally! The exciting part, wearing the eyelashes!

It's been a really long time since i've worn faux eyelashes because it's really uncomfortable for me. Whenever I had any stage performances, I dreaded wearing eyelashes because the cheapo eyelashes I used are always so itchy! The lash bone is very hard and keeps poking the sides of my eyeballs T_T They are heavy too which makes me very hard to open my eyes Hahah! 

But this, THIS is really light and comfy!
Judging from the price of GirlyMake lashes ($17.90 for 5 Pairs), the quality is really good!
 Lashbone is very soft and it doesn't poke my eyeballs :D The hairs looks very real and doesn't have those plasticy kind of look (that most eyelashes have).

Here's a closeup of the lashes! There is a mixture of criss cross and separate lashes for that extra drama.
I'm using DUO waterproof eyelash adhesive in Dark Tone! 
You know some eyelash glues are white in color and when it's not dried completely, you can see white stuffs on your lash line? This one won't have this problem cuz the glue is dark grey. When it's dried, it will turn black! Much love for this! <3

OMG see my eyes!! I swear, 0 photoshop on my eyes! Only lenses, makeup, and GirlyLashes!
Totally transformed and my face doesn't look so flat anymore. Just compare it with the previous photos without faux lashes. It's more 3d now don't you think? ^.^

I'm using The Maybelline Rocket Mascara to blend my real and faux lashes together.
I remember looking for it after seeing Xiaxue's video on putting it to the test. But everywhere is sold out! :( This shows how good it really is. But I finally bought it in Malaysia 2 months ago and i've been loving it so far!

Just a few more touches! Using True Touch Radient Blush in Rose Pink!

Slight contouring! Still haven't found a good bronzer yet so this is from Daiso also T_T Omg i feel so silly now HAHA! If you have any good bronzer to recommend, please please let me know!

I'm not sure if this is correct, but I do contouring in this motion! From the top of my forehead, to the temples, to just bellow the cheek bones, and the sides of my jaw. This will give your face more definition and an illusion of a smaller face :D

And finally done!! This tutorial looks really long, but actually I only take 10 mins to do this look! 
Posing with GirlyLashes <3

Do check GirlyLashes at..

Beware! Website is super girly and cute :P 

Here are the 5 designs available! I'll be getting GirlyLash no.4 for myself cuz it looks really natural and suits the color of my hair <3
Also do check out their eyelid tapes, it's really good!

GirlyMake is also having a Roadshow booth tomorrow and I will be going!!
It's very exciting cuz you will be able to try out those GirlyLashes and eyelid stickers!

Saturday (14th Dec)
Level 16, Christmas Market
1pm - 6pm

See you there! ^.^

Phew! Such a long long post. But it's all worth it!
Here is what i'm wearing few days ago.

Floral and Lace vivi inspired dress that I thrifted. Paired it with a braided brown belt and a tassel bag!

Also wore my super comfortable wedges. Really made for walking! 

Hope this post is able to help some girls out there! 
Good luck <3


Unknown said…
Adorable dear, love your circle lenses too ;))

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Scarlett said…
Wow, that´s why you look like a doll, I´d love to have those eyelashes too
and what a treat you´ve got
BTW I´d like to invite you to join my giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Bonus to shop at Jollychic their stock is incredible
Unknown said…
Thank you for your comment on my blog dear :)

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