GirlyMake Launch Party!

Last Wednesday was like one of my most memorable experience ever, here's the story!
One of my friend screenshot and sent our group chat consisting of 4 girls, a picture of Girly Make Instagram account looking for 5 models for their Launch event. We know there will be a lot of pretty girls joining it but we encouraged each other to send an email to them. And so we did! All 4 of us sent the email of our pictures but we were not putting our hopes too high.

And omg guess what! All 4 of us got chosen!! We were all discussing what to wear there and who we will meet. I specially went to get a pink outfit just for the event to match the Girly theme even though we know QiuQiu will have an outfit prepared for us.

So here's the outfit I wore that day! A white ribbon bralet top and a cards theme skirt that I found it's really cute. It's in a lovely shade of pink so i thought it's perfect for the GirlyMake Launch event!

This picture was taken 2 days after the event so my makeup and hair is different.
But look! I'm wearing Girly Lashes no.2! I don't wear faux lashes unless I have performances or something (which I stopped having 3 years ago). So this means I stopped wearing faux lashes till then cuz they are always so itchy and it pokes the sides of eyeballs T_T I think it's cuz I always buy the cheapo ones :x
But judging by the price of GirlyMake Lashes, i'm so surprised with the quality because the lash bone is so soft! It's just really comfortable to wear. 

I'll do a Girly Lash review on my next post- 'My Everyday Makeup + Girly Lashes' where i'll talk more about it! Yes there will be a step by step tutorial thing!

Post also written in behalf of my friend, Jasmine (@riceyyyyyyy) cuz she doesn't have a blog yet! <3

So I met up with Jasmine at the Dolish Nail Spa while doing my nails, since her school is just opposite it. We then met up with 2  of my other friends- Grace and Eileen at Cleo Hair itself.

Cleo Hair & Make
Millennia Walk
Level 2 PARCO, P2-09/10
Tel: 6338 5250

While we were walking through the glass door, we saw QiuQiu using her laptop inside and we were like OMMG. I was already reading her blog regularly long long time ago even before she started Budget Barbie! But I promised myself to stay calm, keep my cool and not fangirl during the whole event.  :x

QiuQiu then did my makeup and It's really different from my usual style but I kinda like the 'Mode feel'! 

Then she told Sio, the Japanese hairstylist that she wants me to have big hair.
He has magic hands!! It's like POOF! Hair become so volumized. Really loving the curls! If only I brought my clip-on extensions tho :( I'm still really not getting used to my short hair despite having it for almost half a year already. Yup, I had long hair all my life!

Just a few more touches....

And done!! Got pin-up girl feel anot?? Thank you so much!! :)

Jasmine's turn for her hair and makeup!

And we are all done! Some mirror shots of me, Jasmine, Eileen and Jamie (who we made friends with really fast). Don't they look pretty? Really loving our curls all thanks to Cleo Hair!

Gosh! Such cute desserts! The whole pastel dessert table was done by CremeBerry and they did such a lovely job! Really suit the whole theme!

What's dessert without macarons right!? Only my second time eating it and it tastes as heavenly as the first time! Gosh i'm such a sweet tooth

Too pretty that I had to take a picture with the whole dessert table! All done up by <3

So here is the whole Girly Make collection. There are 5 different lashes suited for 5 different styles. And the current raved about eyelid tapes! 

When all the other bloggers arrive, she started introducing all 5 of the GirlyLashes we are wearing. The way she describe every one of them makes you wanna buy them all! Hahah

Finally we are done, and I went to change out to my own pink outfit. I was really looking forward to the food because they all look so yummy! And I haven't even had a full breakfast that day due to all the rushing, dressing up, and my manicure appointment before the event so this is kinda like my first meal of the day :x (It's about 8pm already) 

Delifrance table all done up by Rainbow Effect! Thank you for filling my tummy after a long day T_T

Time for some camwhoring infront the GirlyMake wall!

Picture taken with Genevieve. She's so so pretty!!

The Pretty Boy Yutakis! This is the 2nd time meeting him and I hope there will be the 3rd!

Finally a picture with Miyake! I remembered I was waiting for her to get her hair done up inside Cleo Hair just so I could get a picture with her before I leave. Made use of the bunny ear prop cuz she already has some cat ears on! 

Such a coincidence, our outfit is exactly the same color! :D

Last but not least, a picture of the Lady Boss of GirlyMake- QiuQiu!

Yay! Us all holding GirlyMake lashes!

Really had a fun time that day with my girlfriends doing our hair, makeup and all the other girly things!, 
So thankful for this wonderful opportunity to meet all of these pretty people.

Also, do check out GirlyLashes at 

My everyday makeup tutorial + Girly Lash review up on the next post!


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