Halloween Kitty

It's been awhile since i've blogged about something. Many unfinished posts lining up as I attended a few events a couple of weeks ago. In the mean time, here's a mild and wearable 'Halloween' outfit!

I just had to :P

Tied a huge ribbon at the top of my ponytail because it was so last minute that i didn't have time to get a cat ear headband. But this made it more wearable for non-halloween days!

Added my little own DIY to this dress. It was just straight and 'un-poofy' so i made the skirt part into a bubble skirt.

New add-on to my closet- this super cute kitty stockings! And loving my spiked platform chunky heel boots i got at only $36! Yes, try not to piss me off if you see me wearing those. They are like my fashionable weapons. Haha!
Bought this cat clutch/ chain bag from overseas just to match my cat theme outfit for Halloween but it's such a pity that it didn't arrive in time. 
Will style this with another outfit soon. It's so cute and unique, don't you think?

So here is a little bit of my day. Didn't celebrate Halloween because it wasn't really that happening in Singapore. But was invited to try out Baci Italian Cafe and they gave me vouchers for 3 meals.
It was such a nice and cosy atmosphere to eat in.

What I love about Baci Italian Cafe that it's Self-Service! This means that that you don't have to pay for service charge. Just order at the counter, take your own utensils, wait at your table and they will serve you! 
They are known for their fresh Italian Coffee and avoid using any artificial additives like colors, flavors and sweeteners. 
Delicious and Healthy at the same time!

Tried their Grilled Fish Dory. So so soft and creamy! What's an Italian cafe without delicious pizza right? Ordered their BBQ Chicken Pizza and it's crispy on the outside, soft in the inside.

Super delicious! Would definitely go there again.
If you are wondering where it is located at, I went to their Katong 112 Outlet.
It's on the first floor, #01-07.

Will be blogging about the first event I attended, on the next post.
Stay tuned to all the extravagant dresses I took!

Outfit pictures courtesy of my Brother.
Lloydsen G.


Fenny said…
OMG babe! Love the Kitty stocking and the boots....
I WANTTTTTT!!! Hahahaha
Love ya!

-Ladies Home Journal-
Unknown said…
Ahhh Lindsay you look sooo cute! Love the dress and those kitty tights. Can't wait for you to style the kitty clutch. Hope it arrives soon xx

PrncszTffny said…
omg this outfit is so perfect omg omg!!!! too cuteeee!


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